Internet Dating Tips – Why Winking is NOT for you

By Dave M.




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internet-dating-laptop-coedEach week I send out seduction tips, and each week get many emails with one question that most guys keep asking over and over again:

‘Dave, is it ok for me to send a wink/tease to a woman instead of contacting her via email?’

I have a simple answer for it: Absolutely NOT.

Now let me explain why.

I talk about confidence and how you need to convey that characteristic to women rather than saying it. How can you be confident when you’re not even going to send her an email?

Sending a wink comes off like you’re too scared to send her an email, or better yet you don’t want to pay to email anyone. (I’ve heard that one a few times.)

Let’s face it, if you’re not willing to pay $25 a month for a membership, then this isn’t for you and more than likely you shouldn’t be dating either.

Dating costs money. 

Not a whole lot, (especially using the strategies I teach) but it does cost some money.

When you send a wink/tease to a woman this is what’s going through her head:

WHAT? This guy wants ME to make the 1st move? Is he nuts?

If he’s interested, then HE’ll contact me.

Thats what’s going on in a woman’s head.

 I’m totally serious.

I’ve interviewed over 1,000 women that I’ve spoken to online and thats what they’ve ALL told me.

So the point is, take control and show just how confident you are by NOT sending winks/teases.

They’re a waste of time for you to send. But they’re great for women to use to show you THEY are interested.

(In the course I show you a sneaky technique I personally use to get women to qualify themselves to me when they send me a wink/tease.)

Think about this for a second…

Don’t you think there’s a reason why the sites let you send winks/teases for free?


Because they have a proven LOW RESPONSE RATE!

They don’t work too well, otherwise they’d charge you to use them. My advice is they are something you want to stay away from. You only want to do things which will give you the most results in the shortest amount of time. It’s called leverage and it’s one of the biggest benefits of meeting women online.

You don’t want meeting women online to be work. You want to do this stuff, get done with it, enjoy your life and get results.

 Want to learn the tip I was talking about before? Get my Internet Dating Guide.

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