Internet Dating – What to Know Before You Pick Up the Phone Part 3

By Dave M.




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Always be the one to end the call first. Ending the call on a high note is even better.

What this says to her without being rude or saying it so bluntly is that you don’t have time to waste. This way, she won’t feel like you’re so available that she can get all her questions answered in that one phone call – which leaves her having to hang there until the date if she’s going to get what she wants to know.

This is the Cliffhanger Effect.

Soap operas do this really well. They leave you right when they’re about to tell you what you’ve been waiting to hear. In your case, you leave before her curiosities are fully satisfied so you leave her wanting more.

More what? More time with you, more answers from you, more information about you. This is what you’ll be doing on your first date with her (which I also go over in-depth in my program).

Remember, the phone call should be an interaction that you control a time when you decide whether you want to ask her out or not, and if so, an event that leaves her wanting more.

Do this and you’ll not only get a date with the woman you want … but have her dying to be with you.

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