Internet Dating: What YOU Think She Wants is NOT What She Really Wants Part Three

By Dave M.




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I send e-mails that are almost the EXACT OPPOSITE of the e-mails most guys send.

I don’t tell women they’re beautiful; I try to appear cocky instead of nice; I don’t tell them

I like them but instead give them the impression that they’ll have to prove to me they’re more than just a pretty face before I’ll be interested.

And when I ask them for their phone number or ask them out on a date, I’m CASUAL about it instead of needy and desperate the way most guys appear when they ask for a woman’s phone number or ask her out on a date.

Yes, everything I do is counter-intuitive – but it works every time.

Why do you think I’ve been able to get women to respond to my e-mails in as little as 9 minutes, easily get an average of 30 to 50 phone numbers a month and go on 398 dates in the last 4 years? Could that be a fluke? I think not.

I know of no other man on the face of the planet that has gone on as many dates as I have, with dates derived exclusively from online dating sites.

How have I done this?

By using reverse psychology.

I send e-mails that stand out from the rest of the crowd, I treat women in ways they don’t expect to be treated, and as a result I get women chasing after me – and quite frankly…

I have to TURN DOWN 80% OF THE WOMEN who express an interest in me.

Why? I already told you that I easily get an average of 30 to 50 phone numbers a month on the strength of my profile and my e-mails.

If I called ALL of those women (that’s approximately 360 to 600 women a year) and went out on dates with even a small fraction of them, I’d have no time to earn a living or do anything else!

I can almost hear you saying, ‘Why don’t you send your overflow of women to me?’

You know what? I’d love to give you some of the women in my “cyber harem” — but I won’t.

Because I won’t allow you to settle for my leftovers. You deserve the cream of the crop – the women that YOU want. YOUR first choice.

I want to show you how to churn out the numbers I’ve been churning out over the past 4 years, if that’s what YOU want.

If, on the other hand, you just want to go on a few choice dates to find your ideal woman, I’ll show you how to do that, too.

It’s not about QUANTITY versus QUALITY.

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