Is This a Dumb Internet Dating Trick?

By Dave M.




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You might think this strategy is a dumb trick.

When I mentioned this at a DoubleYourDating seminar I was speaking at, guys kept coming up to me all weekend asking me questions about it.

But it’s super-common in sales.

You see, in sales when prospects are contacting you, odds are you are dealing with a higher quality prospect, or a more “motivated” prospect… you’ll close more sales with very little to no work.


Because they are coming to you.

In my “boiler room” broker days, we’d call these;


Now, in a perfect world these are the only “leads” you want because they are much easier to close.

Do you see where I am going here?

Let me spell it out. if a woman approaches you, it’s a pretty safe bet she’s interested in you. (DUH!)

And everyone knows It’s WAY easier to talk with a woman when you KNOW she’s taken the first step and approached YOU.

Same thing goes for internet dating — If a woman emails you, its a safe bet she’s very interested.

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