It’s REALLY Risky to Skip This Step in Internet Dating

By Dave M.




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bikiniposebedroomAll your time spent emailing women, setting up that perfect profile will do you no good if you’re missing the key element I’m going to explain, and which you will learn in the “Insider Internet Dating” multimedia training course.

But you don’t have to believe me. Let’s look at things from a woman’s point of view.

I want you to think about this:

At a party, most women don’t have 100 guys lined up, waiting to talk to them.

The only real difference is… on virtually any online personals site – THEY DO.

In fact, she’s probably getting 10, 15, 20 TIMES the emails you get on a daily basis.

I hope that just hit you like a sledgehammer right upside your head.

The advantage of meeting women online lies in its ability to access women we’d normally never meet… and here also lies it’s biggest problem:


You won’t get this done by luck. With the right tactics and “shortcuts” however, this is actually something you can accomplish with breathtaking speed.

Listen, I send out emails all the time and some go unanswered. No problemo. It’s cool.

Let’s start with a story…

Back when i started, if I didn’t get a response (which was very common back then) — I took it personally, it was a blow to my ego.

In time I learned to not take it so hard and believe it or not, I started thinking of this like Baseball.

Thats right. Baseball.

If a batter hits .333 this means he hits roughly 3 out of every 10 times he’s at bat.

Not bad.

Think about this for a minute… If a batter hits .333 he’s considered one of the TOP hitters in the game — and a .333 lifetime average will likely land you in the hall of fame.

That translates to 3 good dates for every 10 (or 7 bad dates)… 3 email responses for every 10 emails you send out… 3 phone numbers for every second email you send out… 3 great phone conversations for every 10 calls you make.


What does all this have to do with online dating?

I’m getting to that.

Of course, there is another VERY important point here. Let me give you a ‘real life’ example, here’s how most guys see this situation.

“7 of my emails were unanswered and I only have 3 women I can email”.

Here’s how I see it:

“If 3 of 10 emails got answered, that’s 3 new lucky women that get the chance to meet ME”.

Most guys have unrealistic expectations and want instant results in 60 seconds or less. Results mean nothing without being able to reflect on the journey you took to get there.


Now that you see the mindset you should be using, I’m going to clue you in on how how to guarantee your success right out of the starting gate.

And you know I back up my trash talk – always – so let me break this down for you real quick…

No matter which “method” you choose or how many tactics you use to meet women online, avoid this one pitfall 99% of most guys run into when first starting out because they violate the cardinal rule of online dating and skip this one step.

One of the most common questions I’m asked each week is: “Dave, what’s the best online personals site to be on?”

Sounds like a good question to ask, right?

However looking for the “best” online personals site is one of the BIGGEST MISTAKES most guys make when they’re just starting out.


“The battle is either won or lost before it begins.” – Su Tzu

Rather than trying to hunt down the “best” site, you’ll be much better off figuring out EXACTLY what you’re looking for first — THEN find the site which caters to it.

For example, If you’re more of an “indie” person, you might have more luck on than on eHarmony.

And If you’re looking for a Jewish girl only, you’d be best going on jdate vs. one of the bigger sites.

I have a really quick tip for you later that will help you figure out exactly how to find the perfect site, with six powerful words.

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