MAILBAG: How To TEASE Women Online With “Done Up” Pictures

By Dave M.




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Yo! Whassup?

Hope you’re doing great…

I HIGHLY recommend setting up a plentyoffish account and messaging women on there right now.

The site is FULL of women. I’ve been getting 50+ phone numbers a month just from this site… oh, and did I mention it’s free?

I got an email today from a subscriber, Mark. He’s running into some ‘trouble’ with women’s photos on these dating sites.

Let’s see if we can answer this once and for all.

It’s a… BIG… problem for most guys online (no pun intended lol).

But not for you after you read this blog post…



Just listened to your interview with David D. Great stuff in there, thanks!

I had a question about online dating regarding pics that you see from women that you can basically tell they aren’t real, or when there is only one pic of that profile or the one pic she has is clearly a glamour shot from a studio.

Just curious how you approach that and if you bust on them in the email, asking things like, ‘That’s not really you, why don’t you send me some real photo’s!’ Or ‘what’s the with the glamour shot, I don’t think you look like that all the time’




Hey mark, great question.

I know from first-hand experience that a LOT of girls will use the BEST picture they ever took and put it up even though they don’t look as good anymore. (And the flip side is I’ve also met girls who’s photos did them no justice, they were WAY hotter in person)

This is something that happens online. People wanna make themselves look as good as possible.

What’s even funnier is when women use those stupid, dumb ‘glamour shot’ photos in their profile. (more on this in a minute…)

But here’s the thing…

It’s YOUR job to make sure she fits your criteria, and this is of course where most men drop the ball.


What if you met a girl off the internet you THINK is hot, and when she shows up, she’s 50+ lbs. HEAVIER than you thought she’d be.

Not cool.

Pretty embarrassing right?

My guess is you’ve probably experienced that a few times.

It’s frustrating!



1. Look at her arms. A girl with chubby arms is a huge turnoff for me. It immediately says to me she might not take care of herself physically and she might be a bit bigger than I’d like.

2. Look how WIDE her shoulders are. if they are narrow, odds are she’s thin, if its wide, odds are she’s more athletic.

3. Does she have ONLY headshots? If she’s got ALL head-shots, I might be a bit suspicious, ESPECIALLY if she’s listing her body type as ‘athletic’ or ‘toned’.

Thats BS – she’s fat.

4. Glamour shots? If she’s got those ‘glamour shot’ photos, you absolutely, positively MUST tease her for using them.

But here’s where it get’s really good.


Let’s be honest here.

I know you’re kinda lazy.

It’s OK because I’m kinda lazy also. 

So I got an idea… 

I’ve gone and WRITTEN all the emails for you.


Just copy and paste it into whatever online dating site you use 
and hit send. 

Of course, if you use Insider Internet Dating, you’ll meet a BOAT LOAD more women... (an actual “boat load” …as 
in REAL BOAT filled with women!)*

* (boat not included)


You can say something like:

“Are you going to get dressed up like that for every guy you meet? lol :)”

“Are you going to dress up like that for me? lol :)”

Or you can say something like:

“Hey, what’s with the drivers license picture on the profile? lol :)”

Just make sure whatever you say, you do so in a fun PLAYFUL way, not saying stuff like this:

“That’s not really you, why don’t you send me some real photos!”


“what’s the with the glamour shot, I don’t think you look like that all the time”

See how those sound so ANGRY?

They’re confrontational.

One thing is for sure though.

When a guy emails me stuff like this, it tells me he doesn’t quite understand how to communicate with women in a way that ATTRACTS them.

When you tease her about what she’s done, she’ll feel the need to justify/qualify herself to you, and by doing so, you have the upper hand. 🙂



This should help you filter out some of the women that aren’t as attractive as you might think at first glance.


Now it’s your turn.

I’d LOVE to hear some of your favorite ways of busting on women with ‘done’ up photos in the comment section below

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8 Comments to MAILBAG: How To TEASE Women Online With “Done Up” Pictures

  1. That picture of the big fat entity is making me feel ill.

    Comment by SirBigStuff — @ 9:23 AM

  2. Awesome.. Sooo true..
    Playfully break those virtual (hopefully!) balls…

    Comment by Hwaande — @ 9:24 AM

  3. Nice Dude!
    I have been reading you linked mails as I do not keep up with Blogs. Know that you keep me sharp!

    Just by implimenting one of your FREE tips, “This member may be interested in you” My whole attitude changed and in 2 days, I met the woman that I have been with exclusivly for the past year plus!!!

    I was online for months with one night stands, so many lame, “I’m special” mails to the hot chicks and flat on my face strike outs. Scary but this girl may be the ultimate match 😉 I have the knowledge and confidence that I had when I was younger! BUT, should something happen, there are more fish in the sea, the world is a BIG place and I know YOU GOT MY BACK 😉
    Worst case scenario, I pass it on to my 12 year old son when he gets older 😉
    Remember your American pal in Norway,
    Jack Payne

    Comment by Jack in Norway — @ 9:42 AM

  4. Hey I like the idea of being playful, however it seems to be conveyed by putting a smiley and ‘lol’ however some of the more intellignet and prettier girls seem to be off put by those, many stating so in their profiles.. Any other ways to make the statements sound more playful?

    Thanks 🙂


    Comment by mike — @ 1:50 PM

  5. Hey hey
    I completely agree with what you wrote … from experience 😉

    Comment by Eros — @ 2:09 PM

  6. Hey Dave,
    as an original IID member I’ve used lines like these for years on and off when I’ve been online dating. Not only has it almost eliminated those not so cute “surprises” – or “land mines” – but it adds to the intrigue before meeting a girl. Fun stuff in the Dirty D!

    Comment by TD — @ 10:21 AM

  7. Excellent advice, as usual. Great article here and I hope to read more of these kinds of dating tips. 🙂 🙂

    Comment by Palila — @ 12:00 AM

  8. jack, good work dude…

    great comments guys… keep them comin’.

    And keep reading the blog, I’m moving away from sending long emails… everything will be on the IID blog so you guys can come anytime you want to get the info you need.

    Comment by Dave M. — @ 10:39 AM

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