Meeting Women Online – Your Questions, My Answers

By Dave M.




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I promised that I’d give you more great internet dating audio/video trainings, so here’s your next one…

I’ve gone through the emails you’ve sent me and answered some of your questions in a FANTASTIC free audio… teaching you some very valuable lessons I’ve learned about meeting women online.

Really good stuff.

When You Listen to This Free
“Q&A” Podcast, You’ll Discover:

1. The *right* way to meet women you meet online, in person (Everybody else gets this wrong.)

2. How I pioneered this system and met HUNDREDS of women online, in just a few emails… even though I didn’t have ANY previous success meeting women (online or in “the real world”) when I started

3. Why meeting women online is not only different, but far more effective than meeting women in bars/clubs (if you do it right.)

4. A sneaky (and amazingly simple) psychological “tweak” for DOUBLING response to your emails. This is like “subliminal messaging”… but more effective. Women will literally feel guilty and deprived if they don’t answer your emails (This defies all logic — but it works like magic.)

5. Mental “triggers” (that work exactly like a switch) often found in mystery novels — you can apply RIGHT NOW to your online personals profile that cause WOMEN TO EMAIL YOU

6. Why you MUST have photos in your profile. (did you know having the right photos can increase your responses by 10-15 times?)

7. One of the EASIEST (and crucial) “things” older men can do if they want to meet YOUNGER women online, that lets them know you are different from every other older man who’s contacted them (subtle, but highly under-rated)

8. The reason why you must STOP messing around with instant messenger if you want to meet more women online… (this one may surprise you, but it’s the secret to staying out of “friend zone”.)

9. Why 95% of the guys online are meeting women online all WRONG — and why It’s becoming EASIER than ever to meet women online. (just knowing about this gives you a golden opportunity to come in and CLEAN HOUSE)

…and a LOT more!

It’s really solid and will help you 🙂

Click Here To Download The Free Q+A Mp3

Or you can listen to it by clicking the play button below.

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3 Comments to Meeting Women Online – Your Questions, My Answers

  1. Just wanted to comment on your MP3 download audio letter.

    Very very good. Very laid back. Simple. loved, even, the pauses. I loved the living room setting talk. :O)
    Very impressed. Keep it up.

    I know & have heard so many time about having your photo’s
    just right, & your profile just right, & keeping your first letter short.
    What other first letter comments would you suggest especially if there is not anything in her photo or
    about me section to comment about. What do you say?
    Thanks again. Keep in going. Ray

    Comment by Ray — @ 6:57 PM

  2. Not bad. A little too long though. Thanks for the information!

    Comment by Arturo — @ 11:39 PM

  3. Hey Dave, love your stuff in general. I was not able to listen to the podcast unfortunately. I don’t know if it is the format that it is in, but I had no way of playing it on my computer. If I could play it streaming straight from the internet or in another format that would be a big help.
    M from NY

    Comment by matthew — @ 12:12 PM

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