Never, EVER, Do This On a Date Part Two

By Dave M.




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Heres what I learned …

Never, EVER, make plans for another date when youre on a date.


First of all, youll come off like youre needy. By womens terms, neediness is a bad trait to have whether they fully realize it or its a subconscious thing. Its not one of the 5 Cs (Confidence, Control, Cocky Comedy, Challenge, and Charm).

Another reason not to make future plans while youre out with her is that you dont want her knowing where she stands with you. When you dont make a next date, youre creating a mystery.

You make her guess and wonder. More mystery equals more intrigue. More intrigue equals more interest and attraction. Thats what youre after.

Making her guess whats up with you and between the two of you will eventually make her CHASE after you … that is if shes interested.

If she brings up getting together again, you know shes interested.

When that happens, your standard response needs to be something casual like, “Yeah lets talk about it this weekend sometime.” Or, “Sounds interesting, lets talk about it tomorrow.”

That will really kick the mystery intensity up a notch and make her squirm! Actually, thats just dating power in your favor.

Then you can wait well into the next day or week or whatever time frame you talked about to see if she calls you. Otherwise, give her a call.

But always take this standard “vague” approach on every single date to keep her coming after you.

If you dont make any plans with her while youre out, shell have to chase after you to figure out if YOU are interested. Thats a good place to be!

If shes not interested, their betters you know sooner than later so you dont waste your time on cases that arent going to work or take too much work!

Just move on and go find 5 more girls to date.

Its that easy!

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