Pof Dating Tips – Don’t Email These Women on Plentyof Fish

By Dave M.




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Did you know there’s ONE type of woman’s profile 
on plentyof fish that when emailed, will cause you 
to be BLOCKED from emailing 90% of the women 
on Plentyof fish?


Watch this.


P.S. Here’s my proven formula for meeting beautiful women online.


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9 Comments to Pof Dating Tips – Don’t Email These Women on Plentyof Fish

  1. But you don’t explain “why”. maybe I’m just dumb and missed it.

    Comment by Rich Putnam — @ 5:57 PM

  2. Hey Dave,
    Thank you for this insight.

    I believe this happened to me recently.

    I was suddenly unable to email women in general; but I do not know which females profile caused the problem as I rarely read all the profiles in depth.

    There is another effect as suddenly from having 5 – 10 message a day all of a sudden I was getting none.
    Nothing for weeks and weeks.

    Finally I asked a woman I had previously meet on POF to remove me from her friends list and search for my profile.

    I did not appear in searches unless see search for me by my POF name.

    I had disappeared from POF for all intents and purposes.

    So now I know to keep my eye on this little trap with my other accounts.



    Comment by Charles — @ 6:38 PM

  3. This is why I deleted my account on POF and decided to go with OK Cupid. I don’t feel it’s anyone’s business who I contact.

    Not a POF fan,


    Comment by Chuck — @ 8:10 PM

  4. Hi Dave,…I just don’t like people that smoke or drink beer cause it actley sucks!!!!.for them.I like people just as friends tho.That way they know who i am on the internet.

    Comment by Jack — @ 10:03 PM

  5. Thanks Dave,
    I did not know this. Personally, I haven’t been on PoF for a long time. I probably made that mistake you mentioned in the above video in contacting these women and destroyed my chance of meeting women on that website and never realized it. Lol! I wish someone had of told me this a long time ago when I was on that site. Oh well, can’t win ’em all the time.

    Comment by Jerry — @ 1:32 AM

  6. Dave,
    I got a question for ya. It may sound a bit dumb but…Why does PoF have these deceptive female profiles on their site as a trap to cut men like myself out from being found by searching women on PoF?

    Comment by Jerry — @ 1:39 AM

  7. Hey Dave, I had this same problem. I solved it by having two profiles. One profile to e mail those types of women and one profile to e mail women I consider for a relationship. Woman shouldn’t be able to tell a single man what he can and can’t do as long as he stays clean. So I work my way around it. I’m unemployed so in times like these I just want an activity partner without the hassle.

    Comment by Chris — @ 2:15 AM

  8. Thanks a lot Dave. Amazing how you find these things. I would do well to avoid that kind of thing.

    Mr Putnam,
    Watch the video again he explains why, it is an internal setting that women have in place to filter out individuals who are or appear to be looking for intimate encounters,sex, you know hookups as apposed to dating. If you so much as contact a woman so basically says I am just here for a one night stand etc, it is going to indirectly tell every other person that you are looking for hookups and NSA. It is kind of bad for admin to put words in your mouth but it can all be easily avoided just read profiles carefully and do not message anyone who has
    OTHER RELATIONSHIPS as what the are looking for.

    Comment by Wesley Cieplinski — @ 3:35 AM

  9. @ wesley… i done tole you i knew what i’m doing. 🙂

    you gotta be careful… always check the girls profile to see what her ‘intent’ is on the site… sometimes you see a hot girl and don’t bother looking… and then you’re hosed.

    Comment by Dave M. — @ 2:35 PM

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