The 6 Powerful Words That Will Tell You How to Find Your Dream Woman Online

By Dave M.




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smilinginwhiteThese six words work no matter what type of woman you’re looking for.

If you want a one-night stand, you can find her with these six words.

They work if you’re looking for a wife.

They work if you just want a casual girlfriend.

It doesn’t matter if you’re ready to get married or are just taking a sampling to find out exactly the type of woman you’ll want to marry someday.

If looks are at the top of your list, this will help you find a hottie. If curves are what does it for you, these six words will get you closer than anything else you’ve ever tried.

Because, if you already knew how to do this, you’d be with whoever you wanted, right? And why would you be reading this.

Before you take a look down at what the answer is, do something really serious. Decide, right now, that you’re going to commit to taking the action I’m about to suggest. Because that’s what it’s about in the end – you know some of what I tell you everyday – you’re just not putting it into practice.

Whether that’s because you forget certain steps, or don’t fully realize they exist, or THINK that you’ve taken the correct action when you really haven’t.

Promise yourself that even if you think you’ve heard this before, you’re going to do some really honest soul searching, to be absolutely sure that you have.

So here it is. You can discover which online personals sites are the best for YOU, by asking yourself this 6 word question:


If you’re looking for something purely physical — that’s cool. If you want a serious relationship, that’s cool too.

Just be honest with yourself.

No one lives in your head with you, so whatever you really want is okay. Don’t try to be PC about it or you’ll end up with someone you don’t want, which will suck for BOTH of you.

Don’t be out there looking for “wifey” material just because all your friends are getting married.

And don’t search for a one-night stand if you’re a relationship guy. It doesn’t matter what your friends say. You’re the one who could wake up tomorrow next to a mistake.

THAT’S the essential first step to meeting women online. Figuring out what you’re looking for, then getting on the right site which caters to it.

If you think that sounds lazy, or too easy to be effective, think again.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” – Doing this allows you to overcome the most common pitfalls associated with getting started with online dating and make smart, results-generating decisions right away.

Bottom line is this: if you’re looking for a serious relationship its probably not a good idea to signup to and expect to meet a quality woman there.

Know what I mean?

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