The George Clooney Effect: Why Wealthy, Independent Women Prefer Older Men

By Dave M.




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Live Science:

It’s already been dubbed the “George Clooney Effect.”

Apparently these jenius Psychologists in Scotland just released some new research showing that Women who make more money are more attracted to older men.

Here’s what I think it means for you:

If you’re an older guy looking to meet younger women online, according to this new research, you’ll probably have MUCH better luck targeting women who have higher incomes.

Just sayin’

Ok. I’ll quit yapping about it…

Read the whole story: Live Science

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8 Comments to The George Clooney Effect: Why Wealthy, Independent Women Prefer Older Men

  1. Makes sense if they point it out indeed! Nice find Dave!

    Actually Vin DiCarlo in his Pandora system explains similar concept which matches very well with this article. Women, who support themselves pretty well are attracted to well rounded (not physically) guys who are also self dependent (not necessary rich). They (the women) don\’t need nurturing or overly romantic relationship.

    Older guys tend to fit into that category.

    Comment by Wes M — @ 12:10 PM

  2. This is so true. I’m 50 and my hot, very successful, smart girlfriend is 32. She was dating 25 year old guys. When we met I wouldn’t tell her how old I was and I made her pay for lunch because I was tired of beautiful women going out with me for my money. Life is funny. Women love confident guys who they have to chase. Great stuff Dave.

    Comment by Lee — @ 12:42 PM

  3. Amen Lee…. preach it brotha!

    Comment by Dave M. — @ 2:24 PM

  4. Yep it can work so long as the pair of you are on the same wavelength. Money means more to women than it will ever mean to a bloke. Women see money as power and influential…its not their fault because its what the media etc tell them how to behave.

    When a woman has the money and power and she picks you out it’s far deeper than many blokes realise. She saw you driving your banged up car, she saw you shopping for cheap goods in a store. Women have the memory of an elephant and freaky as it sounds they do watch you before they make their move.

    What attracted her to you was that even though you might not have two pennies to rub together she has seen you sharing what you do have with your friends in the local pub etc and you are happier than she has ever felt before.

    You are happy and comfortable in your skin and that is so important because she wants to be a part of that. This next part is really really really important though – KEEP ON KEEPING ON.

    Don\’t let her try and change you by sugesting dinner at an upmarket place that she says she will cover. You werent a taker before so dont change. If you enjoy going for a Happy Meal at a burger joint then still do it. Remember she wants to be a part of you so why change?

    Of course it works both ways and sooner or later you will have to be booted and suited for one of her gigs. You can be absolutely sure she and her friends will be keeping an eye on you though because no matter her wealth you have made her feel insecure because you couldnt care less.

    One thing i have realised in life at my old age – lol, when i look back is that women always want what they cant have. No matter how young or old or how rich or poor.

    If you thought us guys loved a challenge just try and imagine the emotions a woman will be fighting when you ignore her money and possible fame.


    Comment by John — @ 4:16 PM

  5. Are you kidding me or what.Nothing personal,however do you live on Earth?Look ,I am a middle aged man who hoped to find a woman young enough to start a family.Guess what,they do not prefer older men.Of course,I am not gone after the one with money,either.If a younger woman does prefer a older man,it is quite possible that it is because he has the money and she wants it.Okay,maybe some women on these dating sites claim they will accept a older man.However,they usually won,t.Besides many of these persons are just scammers however.Okay,I will admit there may be a few women who will accept a older man.However,I would have to say you would probably have better luck winning the lotto.Of course,outside the United States there may be a few cultures in which age-difference are not quite as taboo.You still must be careful there as some of these women only want to use you to get into the country.Have a valid passport,however there are other problems with my making the trip.Nice dream there,am not sure how realistic it is.

    Comment by James — @ 6:30 PM

  6. I read the comments by James and John above and feel I have to comment. First of all let me say that I’m 49 and have seen my dating life go from a high point at 40 to a slower pace as I approach 50. It was a great decade!

    I will definitely cede one point to James above, while you can attract younger women at 50 the potential group of women who will be interested is somewhat reduced. I don’t care how good your game is, unless you’re George Clooney there is a group of girls out there that isn’t going to be interested in you because of age. Full stop. So let me agree with James above but only to a point.

    Now once you agree with the above premise there are two important things that follow: 1) You need to be able to spot the girls who are interested without fail, and 2) You have to have 100% solid game going on as John in his comment mentions. Taking the second point first, let me say that if you are not 100% sure of who you are at 50 women will absolutely run for the hills. Lets face it, if you don’t know who you are at 50 then you’ve got some work to do. John’s comment “Keep on keeping on” is critical. Women who are looking for older men want a guy who is solid any hint that you’re changing for her and she’ll bolt.

    Now on to my first point. How do you spot these girls so that you don’t waste time with the ones who just aren’t into you? David D wrote on this subject in some length and while it agrees with what has been written about wealthy women above, it added that women who are smart and want to learn also hang with older guys. This is because they are very much interested in learning from an older guy’s life experiences.

    So realizing that you’re not going to attract “all” women you’ve got to look for girls who are a bit more cerebral and are looking for life experience rather than youth. How do you spot them? Look at their interests, and try to find a hint about what area the girl is trying to learn and better herself in. Then in your message tell her some experience you’ve had in that area that she might be interested in, without lecturing her. That will provide a hook that might get her to bite. I’ve had good luck with this technique and hope that it helps.

    I am not a dating coach but do read this and other sites and have plenty of life experience to back up the above observations.

    So take heart its not over at 50, its just different

    Comment by Richard — @ 4:31 PM

  7. I was 26 when I got together with my then-42-year-old husband. I was independent, and we made comparable, comfortable incomes. He knew his own mind more than other guys I went out with. He would disagree with me (when he did, not as a game); guys my age were often trying so hard to please me that they were missing a chance to connect. He also made it clear that he wanted me. I had a lot of guys who I put in “the friend zone.” I liked them, but they weren’t really doing anything that showed me that they liked me as more than a friend. Another thing to know is that while there are some women who are well aware of their effect on men, a lot of us are pretty clueless. Hot 20-somethings don’t necessarily *know* or maybe *believe* that they’re hot. I now have guys coming out of the woodwork (thanks — or not! — to Facebook) telling me how they had been interested in me. Clearly, they weren’t sufficiently interested or they would’ve done something. My husband was attractive and seemed manly to me because he took the initiative and the risk when it came to turning our relationship romantic. Many guys before him seemed scared and as though they wanted me to control things.

    Comment by Kay — @ 10:05 AM

  8. wow kays comment is really intersting

    Comment by Psymon — @ 11:59 AM

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