The One Thing Stopping You From Success With Women

By Dave M.




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What if I told you there was ONE thing that was stopping you from having success with women.

Just ONE thing.

In fact, this ‘thing’ will work on ANY guy, no matter what he looks like, what kind of car he drives …or how much money he makes …and it doesn’t require time, money or even a lot of effort to do.

Yes, it almost sounds like “voodoo”, but it WORKS.

It took me years of reading, learning, going out “in the field” testing out every crazy idea ever written about to figure this out. (and falling on my face more times than I care to admit.)

Once you get this, it’s like you have this energy around you which acts like a MAGNET to attract women to you. It’s like some crazy power you can’t explain.

One of the biggest reasons why most guys don’t have the success they really want meeting women comes down to ONE thing…


Most guys see women, especially beautiful women, as more “superior” to them. What blows my mind is the fact these are guys who are doctors, lawyers, CEO’s… maybe driving a Ferrari, or making a million dollars a year…

Guys you’d THINK would have everything they need to attract beautiful women — but they end up acting nervous, babbling when they speak and freeze when they’re around these women.

My question to you is why?

The simple answer? Lack of preparation, but there’s a deeper answer I’ll talk about in a second.

Most guys don’t have a solid plan of what to say and more importantly, how to BE. Often times even if they do, they throw it out the window and don’t use it.

Here’s a hint: When you are the type of guy women desire, what you say comes NATURALLY.

It’s a byproduct of BEING this guy.

This is something naturals “do” that most of us normal guys don’t.

I’ve found that most guys are too busy trying to BE something else or someone else when they meet a woman, the natural on the other hand already is the guy that women want, he knows it, they know it … so he’s not worried about how he comes off, whereas most guys are.

Here’s a question to ask yourself if you DO have a plan is:


You don’t believe either in the plan or yourself. In otherwards, deep down you don’t believe you deserve to have this success with beautiful women. You may think these women are “out of your league.”

Let me make something crystal clear for you right now:


Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise, but first you have to believe it is possible.

The good news is YOU CAN FIX THIS RIGHT NOW!

(Keep reading, I’ll explain how in just a moment.)

Okay… another thing.

MOST guys still hang onto certain foolish notions about meeting women that they learned from other guys. These notions and “codes” are just plain dangerous if — for example — you’re are one of those guys who finds himself face to face with a gorgeous woman.

From the moment the interaction begins, men who do this feel the need to “prove” things, or try to “impress” the woman.

Women tell me this comes off as a guy TRYING TOO HARD.

The end result?

You convey that you just like “every other guy” she meets, don’t have a lot of experience with women, and this one is HUGE… you are trying to GET something from her… and thats why women either “disappear” or flake out on you.

Here’s a saying you should remember:


You don’t need to tell a woman how much money you have, or what kind of car you drive. Instead, you “convey” these traits by living the life of someone who has money. You might mention the places you travel to, the things you are passionate about in life and let her draw her own conclusions.

As a result of conveying these things in a normal conversation, you are allowing her to piece things together in her own mind which is MUCH more powerful than saying it yourself.

You DON’T have to “trick” a woman in to believing how great you are, let her find this out on her own. In fact, SHE should be doing most of the work chasing YOU.

If you’re like most guys, you’ll find this absolutely fascinating.


The next time you’re out with a woman you’ve met online, just lean back, relax and talk to her about things you’d talk about with your friends, things YOU are passionate about.

Ask her what things she’s into when she’s not working, and just have a normal conversation with her.

But DON’T hit on her.

When you’re relaxed and not “hitting on her” you’ll start to notice a SHIFT in the interaction.

She will start to hit on YOU.

Once she does, END THE MEETING!

She’ll be wondering why this guy isn’t “coming on to her” like 99.9999% of the other guys she’s met. She’ll be wondering if she’s “pretty enough”, and why you haven’t mentioned anything about her looks.

She’ll be wondering if YOU are interested in her — as opposed to the other way around.

The whole point is, women don’t feel attraction to nice guys who try too hard, chase after them and kiss their butts.

Women DO feel this spark called attraction for guys who aren’t trying to get something from them, from guys who are TOO BUSY to chase after them.


…but it’s true.

Try this experiment for the next 2 weeks with the women you meet online.


1. Give the woman a lot of compliments

2. Smile all the time

3. Be extra nice to her

4. Keep the meeting going for as long as
possible until SHE says she has to leave.

O.k., I want you to pay close attention to the way these women respond to this behavior.

The next week, I want you to try something totally DIFFERENT.


1. DON’T smile a lot.

2. Talk to her like you talk to your friends. Like
you couldn’t care if you impressed her or not.

3. Don’t hit on her and don’t compliment her,
a few minutes into the meeting, tell her “I’m
not really sure about you…” with a sly smile.

4. End the meeting quickly. “I’ve got an early
day tomorrow, but it was nice meeting you…
feel free to call me sometime”

5. Twist things she says into her chasing
after you. When she says something you’re
not sure about, respond with “Are you asking
me out on a date?”

Pay close attention to the difference between week 1 and week 2.  If you do this right, you should notice A BIG DIFFERENCE in the way women from week 1 to week 2 respond to you.

Don’t forget to enjoy your experiment and HAVE FUN doing it.

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3 Comments to The One Thing Stopping You From Success With Women

  1. This is classic stuff Dave. Nobody wants what they can have. Guys you have to make yourself the prize. Women want us just as much as we want them its just that some of us mess it up by begging women to much. Think about it guys, do you remember on time or another when you had a woman that was trying to hard, you were not that enthused with her. Well thats how you make women feel when you kiss up to much.

    Comment by Gregory B — @ 11:50 AM

  2. this is realy true i figured this out by my self but i keep returning to this nice guy i dont want to be !

    Comment by fran — @ 12:55 PM

  3. In spirituality there’s this concept of “being the source” instead of acting like other people you meet are “the source” of that which you need in your life. Don’t approach women to see what you can get from them, see what you can give, or put into, the relationship. Be without needs, or, live as if your needs are being met anyway, and you don’t need to get it from this particular person you are with now.

    Comment by Xen — @ 5:31 PM

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