The Secret of Unstoppable Confidence With Women Pt 2

By Dave M.




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The next time you’re out with a woman you’ve met online, just lean back, relax and talk to her about things you’d talk about with your friends.

Things you’re passionate about.

Ask her what things she’s into when she’s not working, and just have a normal conversation with her.

But DON’T hit on her.

When you’re relaxed and not ‘hitting on her’ you’ll start to notice a SHIFT in the interaction.

She will start to hit on YOU.

Once she does, END THE MEETING!

She’ll be wondering why this guy isn’t coming on to her like 99.9999% of the other guys she’s met.

She’ll be wondering if she’s pretty enough, and why you haven’t mentioned anything about her looks.

She’ll be wondering if YOU are interested in her, as opposed to the other way around.

The whole point is, women don’t feel attraction to nice guys who try too hard, chase after them and kiss their butts.

Women DO feel this spark called attraction for guys who aren’t trying to get something from them, from guys who are TOO BUSY to chase after them.


…but it’s true.


Try this for the next 2 weeks with the women you meet online.


1. Give the woman a lot of compliments

2. Smile all the time

3. Be extra nice to her

4. Keep the meeting going for as long as

possible until SHE says she has to leave.

O.k., I want you to pay close attention to the way these women respond to this behavior.

The next week, I want you to try something totally DIFFERENT.


1. DON’T smile a lot.

2. Talk to her like you talk to your friends. Like

you couldn’t care if you impressed her or not.

3. Don’t hit on her and don’t compliment her,

a few minutes into the meeting, tell her “I’m

not really sure about you…” with a sly smile.

4. End the meeting quickly. “I’ve got an early

day tomorrow, but it was nice meeting you…

feel free to call me sometime”

5. Twist things she says into her chasing

after you. When she says something you’re

not sure about, respond with “Are you asking

me out on a date?”

Pay close attention to the difference between week 1 and week 2. If you do this right, you should notice A BIG DIFFERENCE in the way women from week 1 to week 2 respond to you.

Don’t forget to enjoy your experiment and HAVE FUN doing it.

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