The Status Secret Most Men Will Never Know

By Dave M.




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88337638-rockstar1-internetdatingImagine you’re sitting next to your favorite actor or athlete at a dinner table. How would you act?

Or better yet, imagine a playboy centerfold sitting next to you for dinner.

How would you act then?

Odds are you’d be totally intimidated by it, maybe asking questions, like a fan would do. You’d be starstruck.

The reason for that is the other person has a higher status than you.

You with me?

That’s why these actors or athletes can walk into a room and have all the hot women coming up to them handing small papers with the woman’s phone number on it….

Without him even asking!

I actually saw this happen one night at a club here in Miami. As I see this going down and I’m thinking ‘Wow, there must be something to this.’

Next, my discoveries about status.

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