Think This Girl is Interested? [Video]

By Dave M.




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There’s no educational value here…

just thought this was pretty funny… So… think she’s interested? 🙂

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25 Comments to Think This Girl is Interested? [Video]

  1. Will stick my neck out and say yes

    Comment by Steve — @ 11:30 AM

  2. Dude, she sounds like a desperate clinger, but she\’s definitely interested. LOL!

    Comment by joe — @ 12:12 PM

  3. LMAO! RUN RYAN RUN! You know like ….ummm….”R” as in …oh my God….ummm ….RUN!!!

    Comment by David — @ 12:26 PM

  4. I think: YES SHE IS!
    Can’t be better…

    Comment by Jean — @ 12:31 PM

  5. she sounds like she may have taken a few puffs of weed.

    Comment by Oleg Cherkasky — @ 2:58 PM

  6. HAHAHAHA that was hilarious! Drunk-dialed for the win. That, or she was rolling pretty hard.

    Comment by Mode — @ 8:12 PM

  7. Always like em a little crazy. Depends on how attractive she is I guess.

    Comment by x — @ 10:50 AM

  8. As Charlie Sheen use to say on the two and half men show, “congrats Ryan, you’ve officially boinked her brain out”. No seriously, you know how to seduce a woman man but be careful that girl is either desperate or a total freak show.

    Comment by beli-p — @ 12:16 PM

  9. Well either she is or she’s tipsy, ha ha!

    Comment by Jonty H. Campbell — @ 2:21 PM

  10. :OOOO DAM , she like u! id like to see a pic of her, tho how do we no shes not a nother fat chick?at least her physique, in normal clothes , if she not obese , then well done

    Comment by pacoooo — @ 2:09 PM

  11. whoever ryan is you should run for your life… and your junk! that is off her rocker obsessive clingy stage 5 stuff there my friend. but i guess you have attraction mastered… good news.

    Comment by TD — @ 7:39 AM

  12. wow.. random message that rants on and on and on. but hey, if some girls are crazy for a guy, this is what their answering machine sounds like… GEZ! this girl is crazy

    Comment by Max — @ 6:13 PM

  13. I know Ryan probably hit it the first night or will definitely get that ass the next night.

    Comment by Gregory B — @ 10:11 AM

  14. That was frightening. Stage 5 clinger for sure. If a guy left this message on a woman’s voice mail I think she would change her number ASAP. I’d like to know if Ryan ended up f-cking her. That would be a toss up for me. Sure it’s easy pickin’s, but she might go even further off the deep end if you stick it in her. Does she work for EBAY or JAMBA JUICE? I’m confused.

    Comment by dave 310 — @ 10:58 AM

  15. yeah, thought it was hysterical…

    Comment by Dave M. — @ 1:23 PM

  16. crazy in the head, crazy in the bed. but that one would be a non-starter for me, have to wonder how many times she’s made calls like that in the past — and can you imagine trying to get her to leave you alone if you decided you didn’t want to see her? Had one very similar to this in April that wouldn’t go away, blew up my phone over the course of a week even though she was on hard ignore. 40 screens of crzy texts that I saved for entertainment purposes only. I ended up having to call the police to have them give her a quick phone call to explain the whys and whats regarding stalking. Things toned down after that. But always nice to have the ego stoke that comes with stuff like this.

    Comment by MikeD — @ 3:25 PM

  17. Well, it was a first meeting and whether it was off of an online connection or a one off adhoc meeting we are not told.

    But clearly the guy is using some abusive psycological tactics to create the attraction – My Ex used the same tactics, slam the door and run. Very emotional and creates a sense of deep loss and concern. Its a trick that most Narcissists use to control others.

    My Ex has serious heart condition now.

    Ryan is a good hooker and should call her and either tell her they are an item – not immediately of course – or decide if he wants to waste any more of his or her time. Girls have a limited shelf time so dont rob her of getting a real Man – if you know your not that man for her.

    At least she is communicative and willing to risk the humilation and rejection – but reject her now unless you really think she might be the one – there are plenty new girls ready for harvest each year.

    Comment by Frank — @ 10:12 AM

  18. WTF was that a actual message left on some ones voice mail , if so it sounds like you hit her hot buttons, wow

    Comment by Tim — @ 5:50 PM

  19. Its a waste of time, she’s so drunk she won’t even remember the call. Don’t bother plenty more sober ones out there that you need to conquer

    Comment by Mark — @ 10:46 AM

  20. Desperate, drunk, dingy. ….. and dumb. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that she’s blonde and 30 pounds overweight too. Ryan, nice call to play the indigestion card and leave urgently. Was she just as annoying in person as she was on the voice message, or worse?

    Comment by mark2 — @ 11:16 AM

  21. Just run, don’t look back, just run. She’s flat out crazy!

    Comment by glen — @ 12:56 PM

  22. That was one crazy voicemail message. Im not sure whether she was drunk, due to drink or for Ryan. Sounds like Ryan hit her every button indeed- she was gushing over him like Niagara Falls.

    Comment by Jackie_Viera — @ 2:09 PM

  23. She’s so drunk, and maybe high…like a babbling brook, stuff a sock in it, and she’s good for a one nighter, just don’t give her your phone number as she’s a level 5 clinger!

    Comment by David — @ 2:22 PM

  24. No way she’s hot….

    Comment by O' Doyle — @ 12:27 AM

  25. OMG, her IQ is below 50!
    Do you really want to go out with her, Ryan?

    Comment by Davide — @ 10:09 AM

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