This Isn’t Supposed To Work, But It Does

By Dave M.




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Hey there, what’s up and howdy…

I just found this cool blog post talking about ‘negative’ body language:

Pretty interesting stuff, right?


Unfortunately, the people writing about this stuff more than likely never actually GO OUT and USE any of it, so they’re writing about stuff they ‘researched’ or about stuff that sounds good, but doesn’t actually work in the real world.

One of the things I did to become better with women is to not only learn as much as possible, but to also then go out and try as many things as possible, because you never know whats gonna work.

I would devour anything I could get my hands on (which in the early days, wasn’t much), then I would go out and USE the stuff I learned to see if it worked.

This is, unfortunately, something most guys don’t do… they learn and learn and learn, but they never apply what they’ve learned.

Don’t be scared, just try it and see what happens.

Most of the stuff didn’t work, a few of the things worked ok, and a couple of things worked like CRAZY.


Since I actually go out and “field test” all this stuff in the REAL WORLD, I’m going to tell you that there’s one “body language move to avoid” they talk about that actually works AMAZINGLY well…

… But only IF you do it correctly. (most guys don’t)

#4. Stroking Your Chin

In the article, they say stroking your chin is considered a “negative” body language move, I say it works like CRAZY to attract women.

Here’s how:

When I’m out with a woman I’m meeting from a dating site for the first time, my mindset is… “I’m not really sure about you… YET.”

This is one of the best mindsets (or frames) to have with women because she’s gotta prove herself to you, instead of the other way around.

(and yes, you can easily use this with a woman you meet at a bar, club, work, school, daytime etc.)

At times, I purposely stroke my chin…. over-exaggerating the “I’m not sure about you” theme.

Here’s the interesting thing: Even though she KNOWS I’m just teasing her and not even remotely serious, she can’t help but try to win my approval.

It’s hardwired into the human brain.

Unfortunately, most guys don’t do this because they’re too worried about making a good impression and not pissing her off.

Basically these guys are trying to gain a womans approval.

That’s a losing strategy.

When a guy uses a ‘move’ like this on a woman he’s just met, he’s communicating with her on more than one level…

You see, women instantly know a guy who does this is someone who’s not trying to gain her approval, and as a result, she’s going to see you as a CHALLENGE.

The man who’s a challenge is the man who understands women.

This move is awesome when combined with some C+F lines and an overall ‘alpha’ male attitude.


You gotta do this in a playful, fun way or else you’ll come off like a complete douchebag.

Most guys come off too strong and angry and miss the playful, fun aspect of this because they’re trying so hard to get results.

Just focus on having fun and being playful when you do this.

Otherwise, you’re hosed.

Ok… in the comment section below I’d love to hear about any “negative” body language moves you know of that I forgot to mention… or your personal experience with the one I listed above.

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5 Comments to This Isn’t Supposed To Work, But It Does

  1. Hey I like this move, having a goatie to stroke quizzically. The evil laugh is a good accompaniment. I also like the turn-away-talk-to-the-hand move as a disqualifier or playful punishment for foolishness 🙂

    Comment by TD — @ 2:19 PM

  2. Hey Dave,
    Missed your webinar, but the new site looks good :).

    Comment by Kevin "Sticky" Warren — @ 5:01 PM

  3. WoW Intresting move I didn’t try it out yet but I will I was laughing at your artical as you said I thought that was a negtive move ,

    how about stroking your chest smoothly or thigh (in the first meet) does it work so well too ?

    Comment by Sultan — @ 9:35 PM

  4. The “chin stroke” is good.

    Actually I do it all the time subconsciously. I guess it’s just I really wonder when speaking to someone new (or discussing someone new).

    And of course can make fun with it. For example she says something “on the line” and you go “Ohhh” or “Really” with little doubting way and stroking your chin.

    Body language is full of messages 😀

    Comment by Wes M — @ 11:36 PM

  5. Hey everyone,
    Body language is probablely the best thing a guy should learn, there are many ways women show this, as a guy its important that you should learn as much as possible, if you miss her signs/ signals does’nt matter how much you stroke your chin, it is so open and comical, the best bet is be sure of your self and learn the game as much as you can, we all cant all be pick up gurus, just relax have fun with it and dont care about the outcome.
    If she likes you, you’ll see it, treat each first meeting as a first date, qualify her, your the man and dont be too nice, let her work for you. She wont grab your crutch and say lets F@#k, you have to learn the skills, go out and practice.and be natural
    Dont stare and dont drool,

    check you later


    Comment by Hendrik — @ 1:07 AM

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