Two Phrases That Work Like Magic on Dates Part 2

By Dave M.




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So, last time I was telling you a story about a conversation with a girl.

It sounded like she was turned off by me, but it’s more likely that her level of interst had gne up.

‘Let me explain because this is what I mean by counterintuitive.

What I learned is that she wouldn’t say such and such a thing to me unless she actually likes that about me.

You see, underneath it all, subconsciously … when she says something that’s either a compliment or a slam, she says it because she likes it! But she’s not going to come out and say so because … and this is key women are indirect.

So the trick is that when she makes these comments about you, it’s coming off to you like she doesn’t like it.

What you must do is respond with one of these two phrases:

“Thanks for noticing” or “I’m glad you like it.”

So now, when a girl says to me, “You are so cocky,” I smile, look her right in the eyes, and say, “Thank you, I’m glad you like it.” Other times I’ll mix it up and say the other phrase “thanks for noticing.”

What’s going to happen when you do this is that, more than likely, she’s going to smile back and probably say something like, “Yeah, I actually do.”

Ka-BOOM! You just passed the test. You just increased her attention and attraction for you.


Because you both admit what’s up … and … when she tested you, you showed her confidence. You’ve got to do this every time or you’ll fail.

So keep these two phrases in your back pocket. Better yet, keep them in your front pocket so they’re easy to pull out when you need them.

Try them and you’ll see. They work.

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