Two Phrases That Work Like Magic on Dates

By Dave M.




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Two Phrases That Work Like Magic on Dates

Say this and your success with women will skyrocket!

A while back I was getting these comments from women that were like total slams. They would interrupt me in the middle what I was talking about and tell me I was cocky or full of myself.

Geez … I just wasn’t sure what I should say back.

So I did a little experimenting to try to figure out why this was happening and how I should respond back when girls say this kind of stuff.

What I discovered is that when you keep your responses to 2 certain phrases, it’s like you’ve passed a woman’s test with flying colors!

What’s weird is that when you hear what to say and when to say it, its counterintuitive it sounds like you should never say something like this and like this would never work!

But it does! Virtually 100% of the time when I say one of two “magic” phrases back to a woman, I end up with a girl who’s more attracted to me within seconds after she makes a comment – good or bad – about me.

Let me tell you a story to explain.

One night when I was on the phone with this girl (this unbelievably beautiful girl) she said to me, “You know what, you are so cocky!”

So what did I do? Like most of us would do, I sat there dumbfounded and then started to apologize. I aimlessly tied every way I could to convince her that I’m really not cocky … and get her to believe that I’m actually a very cool guy.

I was seriously feeling like I had a shovel in hand and was digging myself a deeper and deeper ditch that I was going to have a really hard time getting out of.

Yup. That was it … GAME OVER. She tested me and I just got a big fat “F.” So I never even got to meet her. Why? Because I failed her test.

But what I finally figured out after a heck of a lot of experimentation is that when a girl says, “you are ….” – fill in the blank with anything, like: you’re a jerk, you’re nice, you’re full of yourself, you’re fun, you’re whatever –  you need to think the opposite of what you think you should think.

what!? You’re probably shaking your heading wondering what I’m babbling about.

Next, I explain what I’m babbling about.

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