What Do Girls Notice When They Meet You?

By Dave M.




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Ever wonder what girls notice when they meet you?

Well… wonder no more.

In this video, you’ll meet a guy who’s got FOUR hidden cameras attached to various parts of his body: the Crotch Cam, Bicep Cam, Butt Cam and Glasses Cam.

He walks around New York City and approaches different girls, asking them for directions.

These cameras are all recording HD video straight to his backpack so you can see which parts of his body girls are looking at when they first meet him.

It’s pretty cool.

Check it out:

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14 Comments to What Do Girls Notice When They Meet You?

  1. Magnificent!!!!!

    Comment by Ahmed Birairi — @ 2:37 PM

  2. Omg walk with you! HUGE IOI surely, cool vid thx dave

    Comment by Psymon — @ 4:22 PM

  3. The ladies were definitely naughtier than I thought they would be.

    Comment by Vo — @ 4:26 PM

  4. ya right? pretty cool video…. lots of stuff to get out of it.

    Comment by Dave M. — @ 4:44 PM

  5. Yeah women are just as horny as men are, they’re just not as direct.

    Now I do have one comment about this guy and the results of that video: he was a pretty fit guy, good biceps and he was wearing a shirt that exposed if not accentuated that part of his body. That’s about like a girl with nice breasts wearing a low cut, cleavage accentuating shirt. What are you going to do? I’m going to glance at least once the second she breaks eye contact with me.

    The butt glances weren’t surprising at all. That’s wired into women to look for physical fitness in a male as much as looking at his arms. No big deal.

    What did surprise me were the frequency of the crotch looks. I knew women did it but wow, that’s very enlightening.

    Thanks again Dave!

    Comment by Mertz — @ 10:42 PM

  6. Dude…This is beautiful…figures why we can hardly catch women looking at us like that, while we’re caught more often. Lol.

    Comment by Eddie — @ 11:31 PM

  7. That is so funny, I love this! I know men and women are different, anyone who knows anything knows that…but this backs up my own philosophies that also, we are just the same 😉

    Comment by Douglas — @ 12:18 AM

  8. wow ! what a discovery ! insiderinternetdating rock man!!

    Comment by suresh — @ 5:39 AM

  9. Well he is a good looking guy so stands to reason they would ogle him, would like to see the same thing done but with a fat ugly dude (like myself) and see the results.

    Comment by Zulu — @ 5:40 AM

  10. Oh indeed, women do look.

    Sometimes, when having a casual conversation with a girl, just observe how many times her eyes will past across your crotch. Especially when you wear jeans or something giving out “the package”.

    Then, as some other guys suggested, you can bust them on it 😉

    “Wait,wait, did you just…wow…you looked at my crotch ;)”

    Comment by Wes Man — @ 9:34 AM

  11. I’ll play Devil’s advocate here.

    Butt looks: These were often when the guy was leaving… and they were sitting down… therefore if they just look straight, it will face the butt camera. Normal.

    Bicep looks: Same thing. Most of the girls were sitting now and if they look straight (instead of looking up at him), they have a good chance of looking at the bicep cameras.

    Crotch looks: If she is standing up and looking at his crotch, that would surprise me more. If she is sitting down and looking at his crotch, she’s just looking down a bit. Looking down, for a woman, we’re told, is a sign of submission or vulnerability. If she’s standing up, looking at his biceps is just the equivalent of looking a bit down and away. If she’s sitting down and looking down, it’s very close to looking at his crotch.

    What I find more interesting is this: If a man looks down, a woman tends to think he’s looking at her breasts or her “figure”. If a woman looks down, society tells us it’s a sign of submission… not that she’s looking at our biceps or our crotch.

    The message of this video: Women look down or away NOT to break eye contact or to show submission… BUT to look at our biceps or crotch.

    Make your call. I choose to believe what makes me feel good.

    Comment by Sam — @ 2:31 PM

  12. Thanks man,that is a good video,looks like it is so easy to get a conversation with women when you get lost,will try this soon,thanks.

    Comment by Rico — @ 2:29 PM

  13. I will steal this from you today ! 😉

    That is an eye opener for men…

    Comment by Ridiculous — @ 6:41 AM

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