What Happens When You Project Higher Status Part Two

By Dave M.




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91189844-internetdating-blond-19When you’re showing a higher status, thus being more confident and acting like yourself the result is you’re acting more natural. THIS is the place will be.

Then you’re out having fun and not thinking about trying to pick a woman up, not wondering what you should or shouldn’t say. None of that matters. You just act.

And that’s when your success skyrockets. It’s magic.

When you try too hard (like you might be doing now) you show that you have a lower status than the woman you’re with. You show her either directly or indirectly that you are needy and you’re hiding something from her.

So the point is, Don’t try too hard. Lean back and relax.


When you have a high status, you realize that your time is important and you start to value your time. So if you’re out with a woman you met using the IID program and its not going where you want, or you’re just not interested, you have absolutely no hesitations about ending it.

Remember, if you don’t place a value on your time than no woman will.

You need to show you’re busy. On the phone (by not talking for a long time 10-15 min max), by not being so available to see her 5 times a week and finally by not seeing her on the weekends until she’s EARNED that time with you.


What I mean by this is you start to know ‘whats up’.

It’s like when NEO saw the matrix. He could see what was REALLY going on. When you start to see when a woman is trying hard to impress you or when women give each other that look, you just get it.

When you’ve got this part down, it’s easy to talk to a girl and bust on her for not following up with the flirting. This is letting her subtly know that you know what’s up. You get it.

And it’s a VERY attractive quality women love.

Next, What’s C+F and How Does It Show Higher Status?

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