What Happens When You Project Higher Status

By Dave M.




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88337638-rockstar2-internetdatingIn a simple sentence? You are more confident

Confidence is ESSENTIAL to showing you have a higher status. I’m not concerned WHY you’re confident, but you should be confident.

I’m sure there’s SOMETHING you can pick that you’re confident in. FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT.

You might have ZERO confidence with women, yet you might be a superstar at work. Use the confidence from that.

When you walk up to meet a woman, think of how great you are at work.

Think about it…

You are a great guy, you make a good living and you’ve got a lot going for you, why should you feel less than a woman that works at the mall making $8.00 an hour?

Just because she looks good?


I’ll tell you a quick little story.

I used to have NO confidence with women. ZERO. I’d walk around all day with my head down. For real. I’d stare at the floor and the worst part was I didn’t even realize I was doing it.

Then when my design work started doing well, I became more confident, not with women but just overall. I’d walk into a party and think to myself that I am the KING. I’m this amazing artist and I’m awesome and I rule.

Funny thing is, that It actually WORKED!

I was so natural and I started talking to women at this party, but because I had the confidence in my work I used it to carry over into my personal life.

When you’re confident, you’re relaxed and you know that you can handle anything that comes your way.

You also send this ‘vibe’ out to others….

People feed off it and you’ll be amazed at the things that you seem to attract.

When you’re confident and showing you’ve got a higher status than a woman you aren’t needy. And we all know that women see needy men as weak and pathetic.


It’s amazing when you’re confident…. you tend to lean back, relax and let your real personality shine through.

THIS is when you’re most like yourself, not the usual nervous needy guy… thats not you.

You’ve just been nervous around women so that’s your “default” program.

Basically you are showing higher status as a result of acting more like your natural self. You’re more confident, you act like yourself and you act more natural.

THIS is the core of what I teach.

I don’t want you to become this social robot, where it’s all about the technique or ‘pickup line’. It’s so much deeper than that.

It’s about using what you already have to get to where you want. You just need to learn a proven framework to do so.

No one’s ever shown that to you though.

The framework is the Insider Internet Dating program.

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