What it feels like for a Woman using online personals Part Four

By Dave M.




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Women tell me all the time they’re dying for a guy to stand up and be DIFFERENT.

Here’s some tips to help you:

1) K.I.S.S.

Keep it simple. People are busy these days and the last thing someone wants to read is a 5-page email containing everything about you.


After getting HUNDREDS of emails, don’t you think she can spot something thats been sent over and over. Once you understand what she’s dealing with, its easier to send her something different than every other guy.

3) Compliments = Needy.

If you’re emailing women complimenting them, you’re probably coming off the OPPOSITE as you think you are. When you compliment a woman via email, (something every OTHER guy does) you’re conveying that you’re a NEEDY guy.


Dig through her profile to find that one thing you find interesting about her, and let her know about it.


Try this experiment for a week. Try sending women the OPPOSITE of what you think you should send.

Don’t worry about the end result. You might be surprised with the results.

If you think she’s got a killer figure, mention something about her weight.

If you were laughing after reading her profile, mention something about her profile being kind of boring.

6) CTA – Does it contain a STRONG call to action?

If you don’t hear back from women you email, you can’t take it personally, it’s the nature of the internet.

… And that’s why you should ALWAYS follow up with another specific “Follow up” email if you didn’t hear back from a woman you’ve already emailed.

I cover this technique in detail (along with a specific template you can use) in the Insider Internet Dating program.

Yes, there are specific things to improve your odds, but If you are worried about women not responding it almost becomes a self fulfilling prophesy and as a result you end up CONVEYING to you don’t have a lot of options.

Start focusing on the women who DO reply to you.


Suppose you were speaking to 5 women this week, had 2 dates this week, and were seeing 2 women.

Do you think you’d be concerned about a woman not replying to your email?

Nope… I didn’t think so either 🙂

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