What it feels like for a Woman using online personals Part Three

By Dave M.




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1.) Maybe she’s already met 3 guys who beat you to the punch, and wants to see how things pan out. Early bird gets the worm.

2.) Maybe she read your email, but your photos and profile were missing a few CRITICAL things, and she didn’t reply. (hint: it’s much more than just a photo)

3.) Maybe she has specific criteria for what she’s looking for, (some women when getting a large volume of emails get EVEN MORE selective with whom they reply to.)


If you think you should compliment her, and tell her all the reasons why she should reply, you’re actually conveying all the reasons why she SHOULDN’T.

When you compliment a woman you give her higher value, Higher value than you, and what happens is you are in effect looking up to her.

Knowing this now, is there any wonder she didn’t write back?

The next time you’re thinking of complimenting a woman and when you tell her how hot she is, consider this:

Compliments = ZERO Challenge

Challenge = Confidence

Confidence = Interest

You’d never walk up to a woman in a bar and tell her she’s hot, seems nice and you want to buy her a drink, would you?


So why on earth would you write a first email which conveys the same thing?


Women tell me all the time they’re dying for a guy to stand up and be DIFFERENT.

Next time… some tips to help you:

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