What To Do If Women Aren’t Responding To Your Emails Part Two

By Dave M.




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couplecandyYou don’t have to sit in the dark and wonder why your emails aren’t being responded to.

Now for our little ‘tweak’… Something you’re sending is NOT working, so fix it.

Here’s how …

Go back and pull a couple of the emails you recently sent, then start to change a piece of your email. What you add, (or remove) to this email can make a HUGE difference to your response.

Then send a few of them out and monitor them.

Once you figure out the “right combination”, In no time flat you’ll start to get more responses to your emails.

Instead of a long email, try a shorter version.

Instead of saying you have something in common, try ruffling some feathers.

Instead of using someone a template, try writing something just like you talk.

Very often the guys who are crushing it meeting women online are doing *something* other guys aren’t (they might be SLIGHTLY tweaking the same

emails you send, they use a particular buzz word, etc.)

Try it right now with some of the emails you’ve been sending out and see what I mean.

Very often after making a few slight changes you will find the right changes that will allow you to generate a staggering amount of responses.

In some cases, just changing 1 word in my emails resulted in a dramatic boost in email responses.

Try it and let me know what happens.

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