What You Need To Know To Pickup Latin Women

By Dave M.




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Guest Post From Esteban Lara

A lot of men visit Latin America in part because the women there are some of the most beautiful in the world and they want to meet them.

I’ve seen a lot of men try SO HARD to seduce latin women …with little to no success.

The ‘usual’ PUA methods don’t really work on latin girls.

Maybe you tried it on latin women and most have looked at you strangely and thought you were corny.

So in this blog post, I’m going to give some advice for you guys looking to pick up latin women.

Recently I’ve been asked to reveal all the secrets inside my culture (Latin) so men could seduce these exotic and sexy women.

For several years I’ve been exploring ways of how to seducing women in my homeland (Columbia, South America), for more than 9 years I’ve been approaching, getting dates and having Latin girlfriends.

When I started becoming successful with these women, men started asking me for advice. I never wanted to be a seduction guru, but after helping so many guys seduce their dream girl, the whispers spread out and I was invited on Latin TV shows, magazines and newspapers.

Since then I started running bootcamps on how to pick up and seduce women here in South America…

So far, I’ve ran over 50 bootcamps and conferences: This has given me a profound insight about what latin women really want to find in a man.

I care very much about people, to me, it’s a pleasure to help men from other cultures find their dream Latin girl and make a perfect couple.

What Do Latin Women Think
About Men From Different Cultures?

The first thing you should keep in mind is that men from the U.S. and Europe who have gone to Latin America to seek Latinas haven’t left such a good impression.

Many men have gone to Latin countries and have been seen having sex with prostitutes and ugly-looking women.

Every woman, no matter where she’s from, has something in her head called “pre-selection”. That word means that women are attracted to men who surround themselves with women of high value.

It’s probably happened to you that an ex girlfriend starts looking interested in you because she sees you with another more attractive girl.

The problem is that pre-selection can also be negative. And most foreigners who have gone to Latin America have shown a poor pre-selection. For this reason, Latinas tend to associate foreigners with that bad image the others have left before.

Some Keys To Seduce
Latin Women Are…

1. Do not be cocky at all. Most of the guys tend to think that the best way to make them interested is to be cocky. They think that the fact that Latin women haven’t lived in abundance in their countries makes them be interested in guys that show themselves arrogant. Big mistake.

Latin women love men who are humble. If a man tells a joke about how ugly he is or about some defect he has on a funny way she would react better than if he tells a joke about how awesome he is.

This is a HUGE cultural difference most non-latin men don’t get… and if you don’t get this part, you will not have any success with latin women.

2. If she flakes on you do not get mad. Latin women are the flakiest of the world. This culture doesn’t care about time and compromises. A terrible mistake that guys usually make is to show themselves so mad because some Latin girl flaked on them. Some guys even send messages telling the girl that it was so rude to have flaked.

It’s the worse they can do!

When a Latin girl knows that a man got mad at her for it, she prefers neither to say she was sorry nor to answer the phone ever. She would better not face the man so she won’t feel embarrassed.

The best to do in case she flakes is stop calling her for a week or two and then call again, without mentioning her flakiness. The other thing you can do is to learn some strategies so they don’t flake (You’ll find them in a free report I’m giving you at the end of this blog post).

3. In case you go to a city or country where you are likely to find a lot of Latin women do not look like a tourist. A few months ago a friend from USA came to my country, Colombia. During his stay (1 month) he was very depressed because women did not pay attention to him.

I saw him go out every day wearing sandals.

At some point I asked him if by chance he had brought shoes for the night and he said he didn’t. Strangest of all, he is a very handsome man.

Had he made a little effort to get some shoes, Latinas wouldn’t have been as unfriendly as they were. It was incredible; they did not show any interest in him. Latinas make an effort to look good when they go out, you should too.

4. Take control! When people say “feisty Latinas” like it when a man takes charge, they really do. Show some confidence and you will surely pick her up. Oh, by the way, “Cual es tu numero?” translates directly into “What is your number?” Good luck with the latinas my friend.

Latin women are very different from women of the rest of the world. They may look exotic and dress very sexy, however they are usually much more conservative which can make the process of seduction very difficult.

For example, did you know it is far easier to have a one night stand with a woman from the U.S. than having it with a Latina.

Latin women are very concerned with being respected and not being used, due to the “macho” attitude of many latin men in their own countries.

Take it slow with her at first, and believe me, you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams later.

Also, it’s very important for you to remember that Latin American people go out late – don’t expect much nightlife until after 10pm at least (on the weekends many people don’t go out until after midnight).

There are other cultural differences that would create a very big shock between them and you. However, if you can understand their culture you will have a big advantage over other men and it’ll be easy to seduce them.

I put together a Free report that gives you 8 cultural differences between Latinas and women from the rest of the world and how to use them to your advantage to pickup latin women. Download it today.

Click Here To Download The Free Report

Your Latin friend,
Esteban Lara

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  1. Excelente artículo que ayuda a muchas personas!

    Excelents tips to help men!

    Comment by GACHAG — @ 4:30 PM

  2. At some point all this talk about “seduction” is kind of silly…Latin women for example either like you or they don’t. Shakira is a great example. Her guy ain’t no Brad Pitt…but she’s been with him for a long time.

    Which just goes to show you have to be a guy that cares if you want any long term success with women.

    Comment by Thomas — @ 10:19 AM

  3. do you have any videos in english on youtube?

    Comment by Paul — @ 8:45 PM

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