Why Women Date Online Part Three

By Dave M.




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Because it’s not just you that’s desperate for a date. She’s got to be desperate to some degree or she wouldn’t be online looking for guys!

Now that you know this, you can be more confident and not come off like you’re desperate. Take your time getting to know her and don’t have to feel like it’s you that has to lead the way every time you’re online with her.

What’s different now is that you can work the situation to your advantage.

Don’t do all the chasing. Make her chase you.

Don’t write email novels to her. Write just enough to keep her guessing. Write short but good emails – ones that are funny or engaging or leave her wanting more. If you’re giving her everything she could ask for, you’re giving too much.

Read what you write to her out loud and picture yourself standing right in front of her.

Tell her you’re busy but that in a couple days or next week, it would be great to email each other or talk.

Watch the compliments and wooing that us guys feel compelled to give her because we think we need to impress her.

She won’t have to try if you tell her that you think she’s everything you’ve ever wanted … or she’s the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen … or all the other lines guys use way too much when they’re online with women.

These are big mistakes! And ones you’ll see more clearly and avoid when you realize that you don’t have to chase after her because remember … she’s having a hard time finding a good date too. She’s online because she’s looking for dates. She’s online to avoid having to come home frustrated again without meeting a nice guy.

Keep this in mind at all times and you’ll have the upper hand in online dating. Once you get this as your driving mindset, you’ll have her checking her email and voicemail for your messages night and day!

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