Why Women Date Online Part Two

By Dave M.




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This may be hard to believe but every single one of the 1,000 women I asked why they date online said that the main reason is because it’s hard for them to meet guys.

What?! That’s absurd!

But you know what? It’s absolutely true. And when you know this little-known fact, you can get the upper hand in every online dating interaction you have from now on … and use it to get more dates.

Believe it or not, women are actually just as frustrated as we are with dating. They told me that when they send out signals, most guys don’t pick up on them … or they don’t know what to do with them.

Women end up waiting … sometimes all night … for the guy to make a move. They told me they see that lots of guys are too shy, don’t know what to do, or second guess themselves or the signals women are sending out to them.

So what happens is that the night (or day) moves along at a snail’s pace waiting and watching to see if something – anything connects the guy with a girl. Guys just aren’t able to keep up the sizzle that starts to spark … so what could have been just fizzles out.

Either that or women get sick of guys who push their way on them. Admit it. You’ve done this. We’ve all done it.

Our drunken stupors give us the courage to make the move, but women are turned off when we get sloppy all over them.

So what happens then is that women come home frustrated … just like we do!

What I’ve discovered after researching and interviewing over 1,000 women is that this frustration is the reason why millions of woman all over the world are going online to find guys.

Online dating levels the playing field and makes it easier to connect without all the BS that goes with trying to pick someone up in a bar or wherever else you are.

The other thing is that when you’re online, it’s no longer just up to the guy to make the first move. And, women aren’t waiting for a guy to be proactive.

When the internet is between you, it takes both of you to respond to each others emails for something to get somewhere.

But what gives you the advantage now is that you know she is dating online because she’s frustrated with things she’s tried in her offline dating attempts.

This knowledge is very powerful. It gives you the upper hand.


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