A Mental Trick That Stops You From Chasing Women Pt 3

By Dave M.




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internet-dating-tips-boxers-pillowThe basic idea is to not give a woman value/status UNTIL she earns it.

Think about that statement for a moment.

Most guys do exactly what Bill did — give a woman value/status based on… her physical appearance.

You are not complimenting her. Great.

But your mindset is flawed because you view her as something you have to “get”, meaning you have to try to get her.

Stay with me here.

Even though you know better than to compliment her, she can tell you want something from her and you chasing after her — and she’s the prize.


“Devaluation” is a process where you systematically lower someone’s value to you.

This can be done overtly, by saying specific things.

One of the things I learned from Mystery, Style and studying other PUA’s would be “negs”.

A more powerful “devaluation” process is one you do internally.

For instance, I always think back to my worst experiences and imagine to myself:

“what if this girl ends up looking like THAT girl did?”

What kind of devaluation visualizations can you come up with?

Maybe you had a REALLY bad experience one time (or more), maybe you were “stuck” with a girl for the whole evening. Use that.

If you’re having a hard time thinking about how to actually APPLY this mindset “in real life”, you’re not alone.

Now you have help. use this example I use myself:




So everything I say comes from that place.

This may sound like backwards logic to a normal guy not familiar with Insider Internet Dating.

Remember, she could really be 350 pounds and hairy for all you know.

Imagine how you’d feel… putting a woman on this pedestal, meeting her and finding out she looks NOTHING like her pictures.

Again, the answer is crystal clear: Don’t trust what you THINK you see because your mind plays “tricks” on you.

You need to be skeptical. That’s the difference in mindset from the guys who are successful with this and those who aren’t. These guys are PLAYING the SYSTEM, not BEING PLAYED by it.

Learn to develop your own “devaluation” tactics and watch your results with women skyrocket. If you’re not you’re at a serious disadvantage!


Because “devaluation” give us an upper hand in our interactions with women. The end result is women “pick up” the need to qualify themselves to you.

Remember what I said earlier:

If your daily “internal dialog” is telling you that you need to be careful of making the right moves because you’re afraid you’ll blow it…

Then the subconscious gestures and verbal and non-verbal messages you send will reflect that.

The key then is to change that internal dialog to a positive one that lets you truly feel you are the prize and she should pursue you.

Bill needs to take a deep breath and relax. Treat her like every other woman, make her earn value with him.

Bill’s a successful guy with his life together so why should he elevate this woman he knows nothing about?

More often than not its because of her looks and because we as men want to GET something from the women.

I know because I used to do the same thing.


Next, a “devaluation” technique I learned to do after an “encounter” with a woman who turned out to be 350 pounds and hairy.

(No lie!)

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  1. when i see an attractive woman i allways think of her in the rest room farting and shitting,a horrible smell in that little room, i also compare her with her mother usually she ende it up looking like mother like doughter with wrinkles and ugly,thats the way i devaluate women

    Comment by Mana — @ 11:15 PM

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