How To Make A Woman BEG You To “GET PHYSICAL”

By Dave M.




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*** A Guest Blog Post By Trace Loft on How To Get Physical With A Woman Fast ***

Hey there, Trace Loft (Massage Expert) here doing a guess post on Dave’s Blog…

Dave wanted me to write this blog post for you because of my personal experience getting women wanting you to peel their clothes off in 30 minutes …with NO resistance.

Did you know that one of the most sensitive accessible parts on a woman is?


Yes it’s true.

Many women enjoy having their feet massaged, some even enjoy a good licking and sucking on their feet… but we will save that for another day. 🙂

The good thing about this fact about feet… is that women put their feet in the most tortuous devices made by man every day called High Heals …Especially when on first dates!

So what does this mean to us?

This gives a amazing opportunity to get in-touch with one of her erogenous zones after a date with literally no resistance when you get her back to your pad, and the best part is…

All You Have To Do Is
Get Her Shoes Off!

How simple is that?

You see, women truly enjoy it when her man spends time caressing their soles, arches, heals, toes and ankles… it’s such a easy thing that you can do for a woman that really opens the door or should I say getting to those other sensitive parts of her 😉

Also, It’s also a known fact that women loved to be pampered and romanced. So, when the opportunity knocks for you to step it up a notch in your game back at your pad, you better have some skills that can easily be done to seal the deal.

With the foot being one of the most sensitive parts of her body, it’s really easy for you increase her trust in letting you touch those other sensitive parts of her body just by giving a awesome 15min. foot massage.

The trickiest part is…

Actually Knowing HOW To Give
A Kick Ass Foot Massage

Well, no need to worry because I’m going to show you exactly how to do that in the video lesson below that I made.

And for all you guys who are freaked out about touching feet because they might be dirty, I’m going to show you a Secret Hot Towel technique you can use to clean her feet off before you touch them (without her even knowing it.)

It’ll actually make her feel like she is heaven before you even start the foot massage!

“The Hot Towel Foot Massage Lesson
That Will Impress the Pants Off Her”

I hope you enjoyed this video and you learned something new that you can add to your game.

Check out my full Massage Your Date Program, and learn how to naturally escalate so she WANTS you to take off her clothes with NO resistance.

• Click here and learn how to get your date completely naked in 30 minutes or less.

And remember, There’s so much more to women than just their sexual organs.

Till Next Time
-Trace Loft

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21 Comments to How To Make A Woman BEG You To “GET PHYSICAL”

  1. Just watched it………I just know it’s gonna work! So simple it’s perfect.


    Comment by Jazz — @ 11:45 AM

  2. Nice info Trace. My wife loves my foot massages, this really does work no matter if you’re just dating, hooking up, or married.

    Comment by Bill — @ 1:28 PM

  3. Dman! Thats pretty awesome massage video.. Can’t wait to try this.

    Comment by Smaker007 — @ 1:31 PM

  4. I second that a woman is more than just her sexual organs. 🙂 Good information Trace. Feet massages are great, being a woman, I can agree with this.

    Comment by Victoria — @ 1:34 PM

  5. Great tips, I will be sure to try this technique out this weekend

    Comment by Christian — @ 2:10 PM

  6. That was so simple yet powerful and helpful man. Thank you. I will try it tomorrow! keep ya posted.

    Comment by Mick — @ 2:15 PM

  7. Awesome post Trace – can’t wait to hear more from you. I love your presentation in that video man – keep it up!

    Comment by Michael — @ 8:19 PM

  8. Women love this! I had to help out with a friends ‘spa’ event a couple months back and literally the ladies were absolutely loving it and enjoying every second of it. Definitely recommend every guy learn this as the ladies melt if you can give a good one!

    Comment by Jonathan — @ 9:46 PM

  9. This blog post is making me reconsider my “no feet” policy with women.

    Comment by Dan — @ 9:47 PM

  10. “Foot massage opens the door” – awesome 🙂

    Comment by HUGE — @ 9:50 PM

  11. Great tips on the foot massage. I like how you warm the towel up first and apply some pressure to her feet with it. Great tips.

    Comment by luke — @ 4:23 PM

  12. thought you guys would dig this post… this is thinking outside the box compared to what most men are doing… Trace is awesome at this.

    If we show him enough love… i’ll try and get him to write up another guest post for you guys.

    Comment by Dave M. — @ 5:35 PM

  13. Great post Trace! Such a simple idea I’m sure will work great. Gonna try it out this weekend!

    Comment by Zach — @ 9:51 AM

  14. I really enjoyed watching it and if you would ask me I will describe the video as a work of a master.

    Comment by Darren — @ 10:56 AM

  15. I’ve learn so much and I think you have done well on sharing us the info or should I say blessing. And now it’s time for me to get some actions starting by doing this and I know for sure this would work. A million thanks.

    Comment by Chris — @ 10:59 AM

  16. You know what I dont know how to thank you for sharing this. Its like a blessing from God that shares this kind of information. I admit that I am bad when it comes to woman but I am now confident after watching this one.

    Comment by Jay — @ 11:06 AM

  17. I have no idea that this will work but it did. I tried it and uhm… 😀 I wont continue with the details but it really works. Just like the video said it all starts after removing her shoes.

    Comment by Vince — @ 8:07 PM

  18. Geez! Just like what other people said I am also thankful for the video. A person like me with an average looks who always dont get what I want when it comes to woman but now this is just like a big plus. I really enjoyed watching it and for sure I will do this to my girl.

    Comment by Brian — @ 11:32 AM

  19. Its amazing how a massage can turn on a woman and I believe that if you add a special touch with the massage then you surely are on the right track brother.

    Comment by Andy — @ 12:38 PM

  20. Food rubs…. Smart. I like the line about opening the door =)

    Comment by Randy — @ 12:47 AM

  21. I get very confused about whether something is “try-hard” or not. This seems like an awful lot to do for a woman when all I hear about is how I am supposed to have higher status. What do you tell her when she asks where you learned to do it?

    Is doing this with socks on not effective?

    Comment by Trevor — @ 4:43 PM

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