Internet Dating Success Story – VIVA LA MEXICO!

By Dave M.




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Hope you’re doing awesome – Check out this email I recently received from an IID student.

I’m posting it here because it’s long, and more importantly, he goes into a bit of detail on how he’s having so much success.

Read the email he sent below.

I think you’ll learn a lot from this … and …it might fill in some ‘missing pieces’ for ya.

Hi Dave,

I would like to share with you my experience using Insider Internet Dating. I just want to first thank you to allow me to open the Pandora sex box and bring it in to my life.

I live in Monterrey Mexico, my first language is spanish so please understand my English will be academic.  Dave I have used Insider Internet Dating for over 2 years now, adapting it to my culture and my language.

Here is what I have accomplished:

Let me tell you who I am, I am 43 years old, 6 feet tall 200 pounds, wealthy with a very good job. I consider to have an average body type, bald on top of my head, not good looking but a very strong personality thanx to you, very secure of my self and now cocky and funny.

Since I started applying your stuff in internet dating I have in 2 years succesfully meet personally over 100 women, I have had sex with 80% of them and I have had 2 serious relationships with wonderful women.

I have dated millionares that had given me gifts you would not believe and I didnt had to ask for them.  I have flown women from 15 different states who come and stay in my house for the weekend and we have a great time.

My profile is viewed 100 times a week and I get 5 winks/emails daily, I have a high status funny profile with one picture where I am wearing a sombrero, dark glasses and a beach shirt that has caused a lot of talks, but very good results.

Here is how I do it:

I have an opener e-mail that gets 90% of responses, this e-mail is funny, tells them they are ugly in spanish which really is not offensive but in english would be like calling them brats or dorks in a funny way and demands a response back in order for me to be at ease because I accused them to sneak at my profile although this is not true, hey but it works 90% of the time.

A second e-mail accusing of using top model photos from Cosmopolitan magazine from November 2003, or beeing 400 pounds or missing a tooth or anything that will back my ugly first e-mail.

I get 90% of responses on that one when I get that 2nd e-mail I wait 4 days and then I shoot them back an e-mail to get their number.

Here is what it says:

Hi (her name or nick) I have been very busy, you know?

this e-mails from here to there and from there to here take
to long my cel is (my number) what is yours?

I get 100% replies, I let 3 days go by and I call them, usually at night I try to get her on the phone for one hour talking about stuff, making jokes and always telling her about her future with me.

Now here is the catch, my voice tone is really profound and masculine 80% of them at the end tell me what a sexy voice I have and that I should be on the radio, from there it takes me one or 2 more calls to make love to them on the phone,

Yes it happens and I have a rutine that works almost all the time, always the same, gets me make love to them almost 80% of the time, believe it or not it happens then the next call is to arrange her visit to my house and from there, is all fun.

Now, here is what I have learned:

Young women 18-29 does not respond as possitive to this first e-mail, as women 30-43 which they all reply and always starts with a hahaha you are so funny, or you are so cool, or you made me laugh so hard, etc etc,

Younger women who reply in a positive way 50% end up in my house and have crazy sex all weekend. There are days that women are simply not in the mood to respond e-mails, no matter what you do but they simply not reply, then there are days that all women reply, every single one of them reply and almost in the same time frame.

The same thing happens when you call them.

Sometimes they dont answer and some times they all call the same day, it is a mystery to me why this happens but I am sure you have noted this and it is for you to make sense of it, I havent.

I just know now when is a good day to call that super hot girl because she is going to answer because all other women are either calling me or answering my calls so thats when I make my move and I get pretty damn good results with the super sexys.

Another thing is that women from one state are nicer, more open, cooler, funnier and happier than other states, I focus on women from that state and I avoid women from other state as a rule.

Another thing I have learned…

You have to convince them to come to you.

Never ever you go to their city the first time you meet, they have to come to your city, stay at your house and be with you, you can acomplish that by beeing nice on the phone, talking about your family your kids your hobbies but again they have to come to you, if you go (I did it twice) its harder to have sex with them on the first trip, and to have a good time.

I think its a matter of territory.

I see it with dogs, and horses, if you take the male to the females house they will not mate, the female will not allow it, that is why you always take the female dog to the males house, and they mate and mate and mate same thing here.

Other thing is that my success is lot higher at match dot com but not as good in plentty of fish dot come nor in tagged, although I have met women from this istes and sleep with them it has been only 20% of good results.

Anyways I think Insider Internet Dating is excellent. I have met guys here that dont get one email back, not one back and when I tell them about my success they dont believe me until I show my adress book in my BlackBerry, you should see their eyes, and of course thay want me to teach them, I just tell them to get Insider Internet Dating and study it.

Anyways that is my story, thank you again for helping me get to this spot. If you want proof of what I am telling you, reach me and I will show you, any girl I can bring home in 3 weeks you pick her I deliver the results.

Monterrey, Mexico

Need I Say Anymore?

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Spent thousands on high priced bootcamps, seminars and coaching programs… Role played and practiced the best seduction scripts until blue in the face… Did the bar, club, happy hour thing… Their closets and shelves filled with CD’s, and DVD’s from well-known “gurus” whose “old school” techniques failed them.

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5 Comments to Internet Dating Success Story – VIVA LA MEXICO!

  1. Love this article—so true about your killer tactics–keep em comming

    Comment by daniel r — @ 6:46 PM

  2. you tha man bro I’m so ready to learn, not that I dont know now but I always want to learn you can never be perfect!

    Comment by Dave — @ 5:36 AM

  3. Dave,

    Using your program what would you say is the percentage of responses the guys get? In other words if they email 20 girls how many respond, then how many turn in to dates and such.

    Comment by troy — @ 11:48 AM

  4. hmm %80 is a very good ratio wish ud explain a little better how your getting such a high response rate.
    And yea as troy asked what response rates are you guys getting i heard anything over %11 is good

    Comment by Psymon — @ 8:17 PM

  5. Troy, it all depends on the guy… everyone is different. Some guys get it fast, others require a bit more time and work to get it done.

    that said, its not uncommon to setup a date or two within your first week.

    Gerrys story is awesome though… a lot of guys get it and it just clicks for them and they go nuts (like Gerry).

    Give it a try, all my programs come with a 60-day money back guarantee if you’re not happy.

    Comment by Dave M. — @ 1:47 PM

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