Internet Dating – The Single Most Important Skill A Man Must Master – Outside the Bedroom

By Dave M.




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“Here is the Single Most Important Skill that Men Should Master OUTSIDE of the Bedroom”

When done right, this is your golden key to get her INSIDE the bedroom…

After all the women I’ve met through online dating, I’ve learned a thing or two. Here’s one thing that I’ve learned that is … hands down … one of the golden keys to getting virtually any woman to the bedroom.

If you’ve ever been in love … or just so wildly attracted you want to explode, you know that flirting is what builds excitement and makes love exciting.

Later in this article, I give away one of my best-kept flirting techniques that makes a woman want you because you’ve given her a glimpse of what could be ... then taken it away only to see her disappointed that she can’t have you.

When I talk about flirting, I’m mean the raw, absolutely unmistakably mutual buildup of fire and desire between two people.

Flirting is like foreplay that can happen anywhere and anytime but has the power to perfectly prime her for the bedroom … with more ease, passion, and tension (the good kind) than if you didn’t flirt.

When you’ve mastered the art of flirting, you can have the love-life that all men fantasize about – for the rest of your life … with one woman forever, or many women at all times.

Flirting is a practical talent because it helps you build mutual attraction with any woman. That woman could be someone you don’t even know, like in online dating, or a woman you’ve been married to for twenty years.

I can honestly say that the ability to flirt is the single most important skill that men should master outside of the bedroom.

It’s tragic, really, that many people go through life without ever knowing the heart-racing thrill of a flirtatious encounter.

Flirting is a little bit like teasing … and allowing you to be teased … but not for long. Because what you’re ever-so-innocently building is PURE DESIRE.

Imagine … knowing how to flirtatiously play using very sexy undertones and she LOVES your every move … waits for your every word and reaction. Flirting is one of the best ways to get a woman drinking right out of your hands.

Next, what happens when women love flirting as much as you do.

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