Internet Dating Tips – Why You Suck At Online Dating

By Dave M.




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internet-dating-thumbs-downDo you feel like the token nice guy when it comes to dating?

Are you afraid to approach the women you’re really interested in face to face?

Have you decided that you are done wasting your time at bars and parties and decided to venture into meeting women online — only to fail miserably?

When I first began exploring internet dating, I thought I knew exactly what women want in a man. I spent hours composing what I thought were unique, polite, cute, clever, interesting and sensitive emails to send to prospective dates.

I sent out dozens and dozens of emails and got shockingly few responses.

Now, I may not be every single woman’s idea of a dream date, but I was confident that I was a great catch for a good number of women out there. But judging from my lack of response, it seemed like no woman wanted me on her hook.

Has this happened to you?

After I shook myself out of disbelief, I did some digging and learned the painful truth.

I wasn’t alone.

Did you know that 97% of the men who join online dating sites quit within the first 3 months? And do you know the #1 reason why they left?

Because they were not getting results. (Source: JupiterResearch)

On top of this, the scale at most dating sites is tipped in favor of women. If an attractive looking woman posts her photo and profile, she is likely to get bombarded with responses. And, unless your email contains something spectacular to grab her attention, then you’ll probably end up in the slush pile with a bunch of other rejected guys.

It’s easy to get look at the facts and walk away. But I couldn’t do that to myself. It was either find a way to get results with online dating or be forced back into the cold world of ego-crushing encounters in bars and clubs again.

Since my day job is in marketing, I decided to use what I knew worked on the job and apply it to getting results online.

And it worked.

Now, I’ve compiled everything I know in order to help you get responses from the women you want to meet online, including how to get women to send you their phone numbers and then what to say when you call her.

You can try my collection of Internet Dating tips risk free … and get ready for the responses to roll in.

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