Internet Dating Tips: Do This To Get Phone Numbers From Women Using Internet Dating Sites – Pt 2 of 2

By Dave M.




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In the last post we were talking about how to get a woman to give you her number, the second time you email a woman. Check out the first part of this article so you can see where we’re picking up from.


Think of all the women you are emailing, or IM’ing with right now and things are going NOWHERE.

Here’s a a NINJA way to take things to the next step that takes like 10 seconds.


Try this right now:

1. Look in your inbox for any interaction you have with a woman.

2. Reply to her message really quickly.

3. Add this one line at the end of your email:

“Listen [her name], I don’t like all the emailing back and forth… what’s your phone number?”

That’s it!

Yes, it really is that simple.

I would have *never* thought this would work. Ever. I mean … it’s just one friggin’ sentence.

I got 13 new phone numbers in the past week from some real HOTTIES, just by doing this EXACT thing.

Why This Internet Dating Technique Works

Women are CRAVING to be led by a confident man.

This is one of the first *tests* I discovered women use ESPECIALLY online.

Unfortunately most guys do this whole 25 email back and forth thing, and end up in an “online email relationship”.

(which signals to a woman you are NOT confident.)


You’re a busy guy who’s got OPTIONS. You don’t have the time for the 25 email exchanges.

Here’s the deal.

You don’t want to get into a cycle of emailing back and forth because when you do this actually you lose your most important ‘weapon’ …MYSTERY.

You need to keep things moving forward before you reveal too much. Keep in mind, she’s ALSO getting about 40+ emails a day from OTHER guys.

It’s perfectly normal to speak on the phone, isn’t it?

If you make it a big deal, then she’ll make it a big deal, she’s just picking up on the energy you’re giving her.

I’m serious, try that RIGHT NOW. There’s nothing easier to believe than your own results.

Coming soon: we’re gonna back up a little and talk about how to get women to open your emails. Because she’s not giving you her number if she doesn’t open the email demanding it.

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