Internet Dating Tips – The Three Internet Dating Email Tactics

By Dave M.




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Tactic #1: Your subject line must be intriguing.

Lets face it, if your subject line doesn’t make her CURIOUS, if it doesn’t have an air of “mystery” to it, not too many women are going to want to open it.

Make it intriguing, suspenseful, think of it as a “cover story” you’d find in one of the tabloids. It grabs your attention and you somehow want to know more. (even if you don’t want to admit it).

Tell her JUST ENOUGH to make her have to know more. The only way to know more is to of course, open your email.

The reason this is so effective is because it’s based on the number one thing women crave… CURIOSITY.

Need I say more?

Let me give you a great “real-life” example I use:

Subject: “I like your style, but…”

Subject: “I liked your profile, but…”

Women read this and wonder, “ok… you liked it, but… WHAT?”

Internet Dating Tactic #2: Make a promise

Let women know they can expect something interesting inside the email. The question you want to answer in the subject line (and emails for that matter) is:

“WHY should I read your email?”

Think about this from a womans point of view:

1. What’s in it for HER?

2. Why should she even care about your email?

3. Why should she bother reading it?

It must make a promise.

Internet Dating Tactic #3: Don’t try TOO hard.

Oh, this is the biggest mistake most guys make.

Most guys try to be too “cute”. They THINK they’re really clever and coming off the like a guy who gets it…

But women see through this immediately and see this as a BIG RED FLAG. They think you’re trying too hard to get something from them.

Women will dismiss you and delete your email because they are convinced you don’t “get it”.

Just remember, it’s a balancing act, but in the end, “less is more”.

Now it’s up to you.

Take your new tactical ‘subject line’ strategy and put it into play and you will enjoy an immediate advantage.


Don’t get stuck with your mind racing full of cool new ideas. You need to put those ideas to work for you right away!

Just reading this will not somehow “magically” transform your online love life…

It’s up to you to take action.

And like any other factors in life, in the very beginning it might be a little awkward.

But give it a little time.

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