Internet Dating Tips – How 2 Meet Single Women

By Dave M.




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Ok, so you’re lucky enough to live in a big city filled with LOTS of beautiful women. Think about it, just about everywhere you look, any night you go out, there are gorgeous women everywhere.

I have an interesting question for you…

Why are you having problems meeting single women?

When I was first starting out on the path to success with women I used to ask my self this very same question, and it took me YEARS to figure out the answers.

Here are a couple of the best was I know to meet single women.

1. Try an online dating site. My advice is to stick with the biggest ones for a couple of reasons…

First, bigger dating sites offer you a bigger pool of women to chose from, while the smaller sites, usually cost about the same as the bigger ones, really have such a small selection, you’ll end up emailing all the women in your local area within the first 10 minutes of signing up.

Second, safety is important on these dating sites. There are the scammers and spammers usually from russia or nigeria, sending guys internet dating scam letters on some of the lesser known dating sites, luring unsuspecting men, so stick with the big ones to avoid these issues.

My advice?

Go with any one of these three of my personal best dating sites:

2. If you’re sick of internet dating, try meeting women during the DAYTIME.

Believe it or not guys tend to have more results meeting women during the day simply because she’s not in the ‘defensive’ mode like she would when she’s at a bar or a club.

My suggestion is to start being more social when you’re out and about living your daily life. As a result, you’ll be more comfortable talking to people, including women. Here are some people you come across daily that could help you:

  • The women at whole foods/supermarket
  • The people who serve you coffee everyday
  • The waiters/waitresses at your favorite restaurant.

These are the people you’ll be “practicing” on nearly every day. Watch their reactions to you, this will give you a really good indicator on how women would respond to you as well.

Be genuine when you’re approaching women. If you’re nervous, she’ll pick up on it, so just relax and have fun with this

3. Anything fitness related.

Fitness classes are another place to meet single women. Don’t go in there just to try to hook up, thats a big mistake, and will have all the women thinking you’re “creepy”. Instead, what you should do is be social and make friends.

There you have it. I hope these tips help you meet some single women.

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