Internet Dating Tips – How To Meet Chinese Women Online

By Dave M.




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If you’re like most guys, you’re probably drawn to the exotic look of asian woman, well you’re not alone.

Asian women have a unique look, beauty and grace, not to mention the traditional upbringing often lost in the states.

Myth 1 – “I”m too old to meet asian women”

WRONG. For most men age is a big barrier with meeting younger women. When you’re meeting asian women, age is pretty much a non-issue.

It’s nothing for a 50 year old man to have a 20 something year old asian girlfriend.

Myth 2 – you need to use an asian marriage agency.

WRONG AGAIN. Did you know there are TONS of sites that will help you meet chinese, thai, korean, japanese or any other type of asian women you’re looking for.

One thing I know from helping men become better at meeting women online is that asian men tend to be a bit more on the shy, timid side, especially when it comes to meeting women.

The internet can be an amazing way to meet asian women.

My first suggestion would be to try one of the MANY asian specific dating websites out there. Here are the most popular asian dating websites online;

All of these websites allow you to browse through their profiles for free, which is a good idea, so you can see how many asian women are located in your local area.

But be careful for sites that mention how ‘young asian women want to meet you now’, as these tend to be ads for asian escort sites.

Join one of these dating sites, create a profile. Try to keep it on the shorter side, rather than writing one of these 23+ page profiles, telling your whole lifes story. Writing one of these long drawn out profiles will pretty much guarantee that women will run for the hills.

Start messaging women in your local area you’re interested in.

Wait for their responses and make plans to meet in person.

Keep in mind this is a numbers game. The more women you email, the more women will respond, the more women that respond, the more phone numbers you’ll get, the more phone numbers you get, the more dates you’ll go on, the more dates you go on, the more chances you have of meeting a great asian woman.

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