Internet Dating Tips – How To Meet Women On Craigslist

By Dave M.




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Every now and then I’ll get an email from a guy who wants to know how he can meet women on craigslist.

I always wondered what the appeal was.

I mean, usually there are no pictures, and most of the ads WREAK of desperation, so why on earth would a guy want to meet a woman there?

My hunch is that these guys are looking for a shortcut, an easy way out of doing the work needed to get better with women.

They feel like firing off an email to a sexual deviant or desperate chick on craigslist (not that there’s anything wrong with either, just sayin’). is going to be that magic bullet thats going to save them from having to meet women in bars and clubs. It’s a crutch.

The other reason why I don’t like meeting women on craigslist is the amount of SCAMS being done on that website.

Did you know many single ads in the personals are written in the attempts to get your email address so they can spam you to view the “girls” cam or in the attempts to solicit money from you?

Ah, didn’t know that did ya?

Yeah, some ads are from “fake women” who are actually spammers harvesting email addresses.  This is just another reason why I stick with the big dating websites I know are filter out these dating scams.

But if you do want to meet women on craigslist, here’s what I would do.

1. Create a new email address

You’re going to want to create a new “dummy” email address so you don’t end up getting 850 junk emails a day.

2. Create an account

This will come in handy a bit later on.

3. Write your ad

You’re going to write up a short ad basically saying, what you’re looking for, what you’re NOT looking for, and then a call to action. Make sure you ad a picture of some sort. Ads with pictures get clicked more than ads without pictures.

4. Write 2 More TOTALLY different ads

The goal here is to post different types of ads and seeing which ad pulls the most response from the ladies. Once you’ve got a winning ad, then you simply start making variations of THAT ad, tweaking everything until you’ve got a killer ad that pulls women like crazy.

5. Post your ads

I suggest posting them around the same time women are likely to be on craislist. When is that you ask?  Before work, after lunch, after work.

Try posting during those hours.

6. Email women

Once you find a woman’s ad you’re interested in, it’s time to fire off an email. I suggest using a stock email you know will work. If you don’t have one, send her something that mirrors the tone of her ad. If her ad is raunchy, send her a raunchy email… if her ad is funny, send her a funny email.

7. Repost every week.

You’re allowed to repost your ads every 3 days, but who the hell’s got the time for that? Repost your ads 1 time a week and you’ll be good to go.

Use this stuff, it works.  Hope it helps you meet women on craigslist. 🙂

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