Internet Dating Tips – Where To Meet Sexy Women

By Dave M.




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If a guy wants to meet sexy women, there are literally HUNDREDS of places he can chose from.

Think about it… the mall, the gym, the bookstore, supermarket, bars, clubs parks…. the list is virtually endless.

But there’s a slight problem…

You see,  most guys don’t have the slightest clue what to say to a woman thats will stop her from what she’s already doing long enough to have a conversation, while creating attraction… building rapport… and then asking for her number.

Probability of failure?  High.

Thats why if you ask me, for the average guy looking guy who wants to meet women, there is no better place on the planet to meet sexy women …who are ALREADY waiting to meet you, than online dating.

I’ll say it till the cows come home.

And the reason why is because internet dating WORKS. It’s fast, simple and fun (if you do it right).

I’ve met so many attractive, sexy women online that I would have NEVER met in person during my day to day life, I’d often find myself thinking, “Where the hell have these women been hiding? Why haven’t I ever seen this woman when I was out?…”

I like to use the analogy of fishing… most guys go out to bars and clubs to meet women, thats sorta like fishing in the local pond near your parents house…

With online dating, you’re fishing in the entire ocean!

Think about it. Every day 22,00 NEW singles sign up for, and thats just ONE dating site out of HUNDREDS.

You could meet some really sexy, and fit women at (thats a site for people into fitness)

You could spend a few minutes a day emailing women you’re interested in, starting conversations in a very ‘low risk’ way, without the fear of rejection.

I mean, if she doesn’t reply back, BIG DEAL!

There’s like 50+ pages of other women on the same site, with new sexy women signing up each day.

And thats just on ONE dating site.

Imagine if you had your profile up on 2, or even 3 dating websites.

Could you do this in real life?


So if you want to meet more women and more hot sexy women, then make sure you’re on any of these big internet dating sites.

Everyone’s doing it these days…

And when you do this right, you’ll have more women wanting to ‘get together’ than you can ever imagine. Sometimes it’s like a full time job.

Not complaining… just sayin’

A word of advice, when you’re using this stuff, you’re going to meet a LOT of women. So when you’re out doing your thing, always take precautions and wrap it fellas.

There’s online dating sites for people with STD’s for a reason… because it goes around.

Stay safe, have fun.

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