Internet Dating Tips – Writing a Killer Online Dating Profile Part Two

By Dave M.




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internet-dating-blond-brunette-club“Writing a Killer Online Dating Profile – I Pity The Fool” Part Two

Sorry, guys, didn’t mean to cut out on you so suddenly. The life of an Don Juan is never slow… or dull.

But back to business.

I was saying that to evaluate your own profile, there’s a quick thing you should try…


Once you’ve done it…

Ask yourself this one important question: Do you ‘get’ exactly WHO you are and WHAT you are all about?

If you answered no, then perhaps this is the reason why you’re not getting the results and responses you want online.

You aren’t standing out.

Your profile is B-O-R-I-N-G.

Your profile is just like the other guys out there.

Sadly most guys just write very plain profiles which really say nothing about them, and as a result they tend to BLEND IN in a sea of profiles.

And when a woman is searching through HUNDREDS of profiles and emails a day, unless your profile has SOMETHING to grab her attention, you’ve got next
to no chance of taking things any further.

If you’re into mountain biking, don’t just say it, CONVEY IT.



1. Tell a story
2. Be specific
3. Give a reason ‘why’

Tell a quick story about a mountain biking experience you recently had. Mention why you enjoy it and what it does for you.

If you’re into golf, don’t just write “I like playing golf” – that is lame and you’ll just blend into the sea of profiles like every other guy.

Mention specifically what *you* enjoy about it, and WHY you like playing it, make it real.

This makes you more of a real person behind the words and gives you a HUGE advantage to every other guy using these sites, and guess what?

Women will remember you and your profile long after they’ve read it because you stood out, were real and let them know what you were all about.

And most important of all? Have fun.

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