Internet Dating Tips – Writing a Killer Online Dating Profile Part One

By Dave M.




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“Writing a Killer Online Dating profile – I Pity The Fool” Part One


Really quick… do you know WHO made that line famous and what does he have to do with writing killer online dating profiles?

Any idea?

If you answered ‘Mr. T’, you’re right.

Remember Mr. T? His character in the A-Team, B.A. Barackus?

The guy was an absolute legend back in the day… but interesting thing to think about is how on earth does everyone seem to remember him, his character and his ‘catch phrase’ which is about 20 someodd years old?

Here’s why:

Because he STOOD OUT.

He was UNIQUE.

He was bold. He wasn’t afraid to be HIMSELF… the mountain of gold chains, the ‘multi’ mohawk and his tough, in your face attitude.

You still remember him.

He was genuine.

And after watching him on TV, the news, in a movie — you know exactly WHO he is and WHAT he’s all about. That said, you either loved him or hated him.

Here’s a quick thing you should try…

Actually, I take that back. I’m out of time today, so we’ll be talking about that in the next post.

Of course, if you can’t wait, you can get this and all of the tips so hot that I can’t publish them online, from my internet dating guide. You could be reading it in five minutes.

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