Is This The Secret To Attracting Women?

By Dave M.




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Dave here,

You read this blog because you want to learn the secret to attracting women… and to have more success with women online, right?

Do you feel “stuck” …like there’s something holding you back from the success you really want with women?

If you’re having problems with women, if you have approach anxiety, if you are shy around women, if you have a hard time attracting women, or if you have anything else holding you back from getting the life you truly desire (with women or just in general) then you need to seriously (and I mean seriously) watch this and take his advice to heart.

After watching this video, I gotta give props to Ice-T.

His advice is pure gold.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I have.


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4 Comments to Is This The Secret To Attracting Women?

  1. Ice T, is very right. If you don’t push it to the point nothing is going to happen…

    Everything out there is designed to steer you away from your goals.

    And it will keep happening over and over again…

    Comment by Stephen Wickham — @ 1:35 PM

  2. Ice T is so right, without taking risks and putting yourself out there, you’ll never break out of what’s holding you back from success in general, as well as success with women! Learn to live on the edge and keep pushing yourself towards success. Never fear failure, for failures are the stepping stones to victory in success!

    Comment by JDS — @ 8:26 PM

  3. Thanks Dave, Just what I needed to hear. Fortune favors the Bold.

    Comment by Bill — @ 8:48 PM

  4. ya, i just love this video…

    @ stephen … exactly.

    @JDS… you gotta just say fuck it and go for it… with women, in life and just with everything.

    @bill… yup.

    I posted it because i think a lot of guys need to hear that to stop those little voices in their heads…

    Comment by Dave M. — @ 2:33 PM

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