Is Your Online Dating Profile Packed With Cliché’s?

By Dave M.




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Hope you’re doin’ awesome.

One of the biggest problems most men have with online dating is writing the dreaded online dating profile.

Trust me, I feel your pain.

For most men it’s the equivalent of being forced to sit through a show on lifetime while tied to a chair, unable to move.

Uuuuuggh. Painful.

If you don’t have a solid gameplan of what works and what doesn’t online, your profile is probably going to end up looking something like the rest of the other 964 profiles the woman’s just read…

Jam-packed with cliché’s, boring and unable to stand out.

I’m on the other day and find this article about online dating profile cliche’s:

The two things that caught my eye were:

  • I thought this line was hysterical… someone should (and probably will) use this in their profile successfully – “I’m looking for a boring, unintelligent person who is down to be miserable and cry with me for extended periods of time”

  • Starting off with a negative and being self conscious about the ‘online thing’ isn’t the best way to start your online dating profile…. remember women will inevitably pick up on that nervous energy you’re putting out.

Have a look at the article and lemme know what you think.

I’m curious to hear what you think about their advice.

Post your comments below.

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11 Comments to Is Your Online Dating Profile Packed With Cliché’s?

  1. Dave, I think the advice is a bit of a joke.

    True, women do see things very different to men often though. Looking for the catch-or just cyber dating ..

    Just recently I told a women, {Leanne}, who replied to one of my profile versions,{} a while back, managed to stand me up on a 1st social meeting, with a small excuse yet later on, one week ago to come back and want to try a meeting again??

    She is a hardcore txt-er and doesn’t seem to know how to answer a normal voice call,{or make one}. So after some 8 txt’s I have just told her to go away for good-twice.

    Some espically younger adults now seem to want to live in a virtual world of emails, txting, FACEBOOK & TWITTER .. Real friendships and relationships are built IN PERSON! Face to Face..

    Keep doing what you are doing. I’d very much like to meet you one day soon once I am very happily married of one of my/your profiles from the Internet Dating Website.

    You ROCK my MAN ..

    Gary Powell
    Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
    Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

    Comment by Gary Powell — @ 10:33 AM

  2. I thought it was a good article. It was written about men, but I guess you could say the same about women? I don’t usually read that much into it. I just avoid these kind of profiles like the plague. “I like to have fun” BORING. “Family is important to me” BORING. “I hate it when guys are like this and that” TURNOFF. “I have no clue what a headline is” OKAY… The article is about men but women do it alllll the time. I never realized these were people putting on masks ;). I guess I’m stupid that way. At least I’m not boring ;).

    Comment by Xen — @ 12:01 PM

  3. yeah, funny thing is most peoples profiles are LOADED with this stuff… and they don’t even realize it.

    Comment by Dave M. — @ 4:44 PM

  4. gives you a good talking point though if you wanted to start a convo with such a girl. you can cut right through the crap and get on a personal level right away. you could also play along with the game, treating her like she is that perfect sociable funloving girl that everyone wants and she’ll have to keep up appearances as you test and tease her and make fun of her. you can also ridiculize her but I doubt she’ll like that :P. in any case, sounds like a lot of fun :).

    Comment by Xen — @ 5:45 PM

  5. I agree with you, cliche can kill a profile in no time and is a proven turn-off.

    For me the most popular cliche out there is “I am laid-back guy/gal…”

    Do you agree?

    Comment by Free Profile Samples — @ 3:48 AM

  6. Omg women are FULLL of these aswell and i guess i can understand the frustration women get from it by reading mens profile so sick of the tall dark and handsome thing or gsoh there are sooo many others that i have heard soooo many times its just downright annoying and boring.

    Comment by Psymon — @ 5:25 AM

  7. The girl writes: “I like to have fun.” You respond: “I’m actually looking for a girl who doesn’t like to have fun, but I can’t seem to find one.”

    Comment by Xen — @ 5:36 PM

  8. Xen… you gotta use a smiley face like this ‘:-)’ after it… otherwise she’s not going to know you’re being sarcastic.

    Comment by Dave M. — @ 12:44 PM

  9. Haha, you’re right. Good one 😛

    Comment by Xen — @ 8:16 AM

  10. Funny but written from a frustrated woman’s point of view; She is probably right on more than half her statements but if your profile is honest and you do like to explore (metro area) then woman like that I am not interested in. It was worth the read but mostly for amusement.

    Comment by Dave — @ 11:38 AM

  11. In order for comedy to be funny, it has to have an element of truth. This article misses, badly. As near as I can tell, the woman who wrote it is looking for bad guys and finding nice guys to reject.

    It does have one element of truth. Guys, if you want to find women that you might really want to be with, spice it up! Look, the competition isn’t very tough – read a hundred or so men’s profiles to see what I mean – and put some thought into it. Don’t be boring, don’t suck up and tell the truth. Example:

    “My roommate says I’m old, fat and ugly. Yet since she moved in, she’s having the best sex of her life. Want to know why?”

    Women are suckers for sexual mystery. So get them interested. Imagine you are writing scene one of a crime drama. There’s a dead body, and somebody did it. Or a comedy. Jack has arranged a date on a night he agreed to go out with Janet. What should he do? Just remember to avoid assuming that the woman possesses reason and accountability.

    Comment by Thomas L — @ 12:51 PM

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