Love Can Grow From Lust?

By Dave M.




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Pretty interesting…

Apparently a new study has found that the same regions of the brain that control love also control sex — indicating that sexual desire can actually morph into love.

Go figure.

What do YOU think?

Is having sex on the first date (or even the second or third) a bad thing or a good thing?

I’d love to hear your comments below…

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6 Comments to Love Can Grow From Lust?

  1. Of course it is a good thing.

    By sleeping on the first date you program yourself to think you have real feelings for each other. You project a reality that would be congruent with being or wanting to fall in love.

    If you decide to not do it, or if the woman decides to not do it… that choice will be eternal. It will stay with you for the rest of your relationship. It will say “we doubted”. “There is doubt.” “We might not really be the real thing.” That awareness, that grief, will remain with you for always.

    People (women) really only hold back because they fear being hurt in some way or another. This fear of being hurt is the fear of living fully. And if you decide not to live fully… you will end up with a lesser love.

    Comment by Xen — @ 12:18 PM

  2. Ross Jeffries in the beginning said, “If you want to keep a woman, then fuck her on the first date.” In my own experience, I’ve found that to be true. In fact, when I only got a kiss on the first date, most of the time, I never saw them again. I’ve been on a ton of dates.

    Comment by Kyle — @ 4:21 PM

  3. Interesting…. personally, I’ve found, on occasion, if i tried sleeping with them too soon they’d get “buyers remorse”…. so I think it totally depends on the person and you need to figure out what you’re doing if you’re getting “buyers remorse”.

    This is why its so important to “calibrate” your game to what kind of results you’re getting and adjust accordingly.

    Comment by Dave M. — @ 7:30 PM

  4. My experience is that without lust, love is just a bubble waiting to burst. If you don’t want to sleep with a girl on the first night you have to make sure that its your choice & not hers! When you stay confident and in control, women will always lust after you, even if you do fall in love . When men give up control, that’s when it all goes south. Personally, I couldn’t even consider a woman as a potential partner if she can’t play the right tune in the bedroom.

    Comment by Des — @ 9:30 AM

  5. I’ve never gotten the buyer’s remorse, because I talk to them about it. I discuss what happened and what I want to happen in the future. Now, if I was just a one night stand for her, then so be it. Yes, that has happened. Sometimes, women just want some too, lol.

    Comment by Kyle — @ 7:47 AM

  6. @ kyle… good move…. and ya.. lots of guys are surprised that some women want a ONS….

    Comment by Dave M. — @ 9:39 AM

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