Spotting Craigslist Scam Emails

By Dave M.




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Ok, so a while back (as in last year) I decided to do a little “test” to see if it was a good idea to meet women on craigslist.

(Hint: it’s not)

I got responses from the usual suspects… 300 pound “plus sized” girls, 85 yr old women wanting some “company” and scammer after scammer trying to separate me from my money.

Basically it was a big ol’ waste of time.

I’m a lazy dater, I want to get the most results, with the least amount of effort… craigslist isn’t the place for that.

Maybe in a big city, maybe in SF or NYC, but in Miami, no way.

Funny thing just happened, a few days ago i got 2 emails from chicks I messaged on craigslist… a year later.

Weird right?

In this video I’ll show you how to spot a craigslist scam email, so you don’t fall prey to these scammers.

For your viewing pleasure:

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6 Comments to Spotting Craigslist Scam Emails

  1. One more point: the “websites” are forwarding addresses, not actual websites.

    Comment by Seth — @ 10:43 AM

  2. Yea. I stopped getting on craigslist YEARS ago after spotting these. 99% of the emails you’ll get will be emails like these as well.

    Questions guys need to ask themselves RIGHT AWAY:

    1: Why would I have to go to her SITE to get her cell phone? If she wanted me to HAVE it, she would’ve simply PUT it in that EMAIL!

    2: Why didn’t she just ATTACH a pic to her a MESSAGE, instead of me directing her someplace else?

    Not to mention, as YOU said, women are NOT that straight-forward about their sex life (or desire FOR sex) in their FIRST EMAIL. It just doesn’t happen. Kudos to you, Dave.

    Comment by AdviceMan — @ 11:11 AM

  3. Oh, and I meant to say cell phone # (not just cell phone) in question #1.

    And that should say “her directing ME” to someplace else (in question #2)

    Two typos there, but you get the point.

    Comment by AdviceMan — @ 11:21 AM

  4. What is the next typical step these scammers take to try to separate you from your money?

    Comment by rupert — @ 11:22 AM

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  6. Man i always gave up with Graigslist and gumtree because of all the spam i got from them sites. This year during valentines a very top PUA recomended using these site so again i tryied following his system and just ended up in disapointment. All the emails i got were fakes except for one who was some wierd girl from miles away who defo was not very attractive. If anybody knws a system for these sites that work let me knw.

    Comment by Psymon — @ 5:56 AM

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