You Can Attract Gorgeous Women Online

By Dave M.




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When I first started meeting women online, I thought I knew what women want. But I would send out emails on top of emails and I never got the responses I wanted.

Or, I would get responses, but they were from women who ended up looking a little bit “different” in person then they did in their online photos… And a few of them looked A LOT different…but I’ll say no more.

Using the marketing skills I know from my day job, I started running “tests” to see what kind of emails got the best responses, what kinds of pictures women seemed to like the best, and the best ways to get the women I wanted to meet up with me in person. I even figured out ways to turn up my seduction capabilities over the phone.

I began to write different versions of e-mails, sent each version to equal numbers of women. I sent out hundreds upon hundreds, making sure that the random samples I used were statistically large enough to produce significant findings.

I kept track of the EVERYTHING. I have notebooks with testing results and notes about things that worked and didn’t work. For 3 years, I constantly fine-tuned my emails, profiles and pictures to make them work better.

The results were astounding. At first, I thought it was just some kind of fluke — or maybe I was dreaming, and that it would all go away soon. So I dated as many women as I could while the windfall lasted. I had to juggle my schedule around double and even triple my datin. There were weekends when I would have 3 dates in a single day!

Other men who I’ve shared my system with have gotten similar results.

They’ve gotten so many responses so quickly that they’ve had to juggle their schedules trying to meet all of these women.

Believe it or not, one guy wrote me to say, ” I Even Had One Week Where I Had 10, Yes 10, Dates In One Week! (I had to double-book on the weekend.)”

At Insider Internet Dating , I’ll explain step-by-step how you can double your dating as well. What do you have to lose? 10 dates in one week?

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