7 edating Photo Tips That Get Women Messaging You

By Dave M.




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Hey there, it’s Dave here, I hope you’re doing great.

If you’re hoping to hook up with some ladies online, you’ve probably already realized just how important your edating photos are.

Call it superficial or phony, I call it reality and the numbers back it up.

According to estimates profiles with photos receive 13-15 TIMES the response as a profile without a photo.

If you needed anymore reasons to use photos in your profile, there you go.

Now, obviously that leads a huge grey area as to what types of photos you should use in your profile to help you get the best results.

In my tests, I’ve discovered a magical combination of photos, once used, that instantly gets women attracted and intrigued so much they contact you FIRST.

What I find really interesting is most guys are under the impression that good looking guys are the ones getting all the ladies, but nothing could be further from the truth…

Average looking guys online tend to do much better edating, because women immediately assume the really good looking guy is a player and already has a lot of women chasing after him.

The average guy on the other hand is like a “stealth bomber”… you never see it coming… As a result, if you do it right, you can have a smorgasbord of women to chose from, but you gotta make sure your photos are showcasing the best you.

7 tips For Better eDating Photos

1. Use RECENT pix

This should be really obvious, but you wouldn’t believe how many guys are using old, outdated photos of themselves. You gotta use RECENT pictures.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve gained 5 lbs, use recent pictures. You’d be REALLY pissed off if you’re emailing with a woman and when you go to meet her she’s “suddenly” packed on 20 pounds.

I have a really attractive girlfriend in her early 40’s… she’s on Match.com, is emailing with a guy… she thinks he SORTA looks like George Clooney…

So she goes to meet this guy for dinner… and he looks NOTHING like his photos. Needless to say that date didn’t go too well.

It doesn’t matter how “tight” your game is, or how many routines or attraction NLP voodoo things you can do, if she’s expecting you to look like one thing and you show up looking like something else, you’re screwed.

Oh, and by recent, I don’t mean 3 years ago. 🙂

2. Keep Your Shirt On

I understand you’re proud of your 6 pack and I’m sure you want every woman to notice… but truth is no one wants to see you showing off your 6 pack abs or flexing your muscles online… it wreaks of insecurity and desperation.

If you’ve got a 6 pack, trust me …she’s gonna notice your physique in normal pictures.

3. Don’t Use The “Lonely Photo”

This is something those schmuck experts tell you not to do, trying to convince you that your profile should all be about you… with only you in all your photos… which is total bullshit.

Think about it…

Beer commercials are never about beer, they’re always about everything but beer. It’s all about painting an image… telling a story and leaving something to the imagination.

Your profile should do the same thing.

4. No Bathroom Pix

Before you think I’ve lost my lid, hear me out. First, why on earth would you want to have a picture of you in the bathroom as your edating photo?

What kinda message is that sending?

Second, (and this is big), there’s a slight chance you might not notice everything in your bathroom…

case in point, just look at this picture.

Need I say more?

5. Use More Than One Photo

In all the tests I’ve done, profiles having more than one photo always get more emails, winks and replies than profiles with just one photo.

edating profiles with one photo usually are a clear cut sign of spam or one of those internet dating scams.

and what I found really interesting is that most women won’t reply to profiles with only one photo as they would with profiles that have more photos.

Go figure.

6. Have Fun

Your pictures shouldn’t give anyone the impression you’re mad, angry or just not having fun. Take 5 minutes looking through match.com or any other dating site and you’ll find pages and pages of photos or men who look ANGRY and like they’re not having fun.

Remember you’re trying to attract a woman into your life… who wants to be with someone who’s no fun?

7. Make Your Pictures Conversation Worthy

One of the best things you can do is to try using photos that convey stories instead of using the normal, boring types of pix everyone else is using.

Most guys are using the same exactly types of pictures in their profiles and after a while, when women have  just looked at 26 profiles, if yours is like the rest of them, it all becomes a blur.

You gotta do something to stand out.

For example, do you have a pet? They’re awesome conversation starters for women…

Are you into some cool hobby? Take pictures that showcase your lifestyle…

A picture can really say a thousand words.

(and no this is not what I mean by making your pictures conversation worthy)

Now it’s your turn… What are your best tips for edating photos?

Leave your comments below.

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10 Comments to 7 edating Photo Tips That Get Women Messaging You

  1. awesome man

    Comment by max — @ 10:03 AM

  2. What a great blog. This is not rocket science but oh so important! I have a pure white cat who just happens to be deaf, chicks love him but is he any of my pictures? No. This will change, as will my lonely photo’s to include my three beautiful daughters and hotties hanging off me. Agghh Thanks Dave

    Comment by Patrick Lever — @ 1:39 PM

  3. Cool man. I like your blog!.2 and 6 is the best

    Comment by Jack — @ 5:53 PM

  4. Thanks for the tips Dave. Fortunately I have a lot of your stuff and knew this already. I got a really good laugh from the turd in the toilet!

    Comment by David — @ 2:24 AM

  5. OK, what about pictures of your children? I always wince when I see a picture of a women and her teenage daughters. It just seems out of place on a dating website. Bad idea I think for a couple of reasons. It seems kind of creepy, it violates their privacy, and it’s just not necessary to show them. Just mention in the profile that you have two teenage children. I’ll know she doesn’t have any free time and move on!!

    Comment by DavidE — @ 3:45 PM

  6. yeah, I agree 100%

    I never suggest putting your kids in your dating pix…. when i see a woman with her kids in the pix, i *immediately* get turned off.

    Its a DATING site, not a family photo….

    you’re trying to attract women, not showcase your family.

    Comment by Dave M. — @ 1:58 PM

  7. A picture of a woman with her college-age daughters is annoying….its a reverse bait ‘n switch – show me something good – then show me something delicious?!?!?

    Comment by Bill O — @ 8:16 AM

  8. I know all of that. I’d like to know more about the First Contact letter. What if there is nothing in the photo
    to comment on but a pretty face?

    Comment by Ray — @ 12:00 PM

  9. my goldden rule 4 pics thats it. No more!! the more you post the more arrogant or insecure you look..heres my example

    all pics are inocenty shot by others none are by u..

    The money shot. Thats you in full image head and body.. With people friends being happy..this gives an idea of your physic

    The facial. A close one taken of your face, smiling and around friends.

    The social or traveling shot. Have a exotic location perhaps by your self girls will love a solo traveler..or if you havent traveled a socail shot of you having fun with friends out at a party or bar..

    The hobbie shot. One of you in action of your hobbie or interests. eg Snow boarding, gliding, sky diving ect.

    If you do have it? add a claim to fame shot.. It will help push your chances..You with some one famous..

    ALL DONE and no more.

    Comment by jayce — @ 2:16 AM

  10. Pet peeve pics:

    1. I hate pics with people on their mobile phones: really sends the message that you care more about yapping and communicating with people other than those in your present company!! Hate those pics.

    2. Poses with family. Major turn off! This isn’t a game show or family time!

    3. Pics of your crotch. Don’t be so presumptuous! When you haven’t met the person yet!! This isn’t Craigslist casual encounters.

    4. Photos taken miles away. Are you really that ugly you can’t stand just a few feet from the camera?

    5. Photos with messy backgrounds. Makes you look untidy and mess is unattactive.

    6. Photos reflecting off dirty mirrors. See #5 above.

    7. Loutish photos. I hate photos of people clearly getting plastered. I do t want to date a binge drinker.

    8. Blurry photos. See #4.

    Comment by Peeves — @ 4:44 PM

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