How To Escape From A Bad First Date

By Dave M.




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Hey there, hope you’re doin awesome and meeting chicks online.

You know, I’ve often wondered about people who lie about their age and appearance in personal ads.

How could they muster up the nerve to meet someone who has never seen them before but had only read a description of them which indicated they were 20-years younger, 12-inches taller, and 40-pounds thinner than they actually are?

If you’ve been using dating sites for any amount of time and met chicks in person, you’ve probably had a few “lousy” first dates…

When you see her, your first thought is “oh God no.”

Lemme guess… after the initial shock wears off, after you’re done wondering who ate the girl you were SUPPOSED to meet, one of 2 things was running through your head…

“How the F* am I gonna get outta here?”


“I wish my damn cellphone would ring already!”

Here’s how this situation usually unfolds:

You email a woman online, you exchange numbers and speak on the phone, you can’t wait to meet her, you go on a date, and when you meet her…

…You realize you’re sitting across from someone who looks completely different from who you thought you were going to meet (I guess the camera deducts 25 lbs?)

…Or in some cases, you’re sitting across from this chick, she’s talking and you are zoning out from sheer boredom. (no chemistry)


… And you’re DESPERATELY looking for a way out.

Hey, don’t laugh, this exact scenario has happened to just about every single guy who’s tried to meet women online… and yes, Including yours truly. (I remember this one girl just talking and talking and talking… I swear, I had no clue what she was saying).

I’ll never forget the night this happened, either.

I was meeting what I THOUGHT was a hot, cool girl. She was hot, but when we sat down for a drink, she wouldn’t shut up… she kept talking and talking… and talking… and talking… oh, did I mention she was talking?

Yeah. I couldn’t get a word in. If I was able master the skill of sleeping with my eyes open, it would have been perfect. Instead I was thinking of how to make an escape without being too rude.

The #1 Rule You Must Follow When Meeting Chicks From  Dating Sites For The First Time:

If you don’t feel attraction right away, end it.

Meeting women online isn’t like meeting women in a bar or club, you’re not meeting her in person first, its kinda backwards. As a result, there’s always the possibility you won’t have any chemistry in person, or she might not look like her pictures.

This is the big reason why you never wanna make big elaborate plans with girls you’re meeting for the first time, Which I know is something those ‘experts’ tell you do to.

I’m telling you from personal experience, the last thing you want is to be is stuck with someone you’re never gonna see again for another 2 hours. It’s called torture.

You never know when you’re gonna meet a chick and have it turn into a Jerry Springer type moment.

So if you’re not feeling attraction right away, don’t be afraid to cut the date short.

Salvage your night.

Seriously though and all kidding aside, I just don’t understand how a person can grossly misrepresent themselves in a personal ad… and then… have the nerve to appear in person, looking and being so different than the way they had described themselves.

Apparantly someone else thought of this and created a pretty cool solution for us.

It’s called Popularity Dialer:

Here’s how it works:

You enter some info and it will call you at a preset time (or several times) which is pretty gangsta.

You might be saying “Dave, I can’t carry on a conversation with myself, it’s too obvious!”

Yup, you are 100% correct, so to fix this, they added a prerecorded voice which actually talks to you. 🙂

In fact, they have 5 different voices. Have a listen to the sample prerecorded voices, it’s pretty damn funny. And get this, they added pauses and whatnot to make the conversation seem more ‘natural.’

I thought this is a hilarious way to get out of a bad first date. Your mobile phone phone rings 10 minutes in, you answer, talk and boom… you’re out.

great solution thats a little more reliable than having one of your buddies call you 10 minutes into the date. (although that works well too)

The site is free, check it out

UPDATE: And of course, it takes one of your friends to let you know that you’re a dumbass and the service is, unfortunately not available right now.

Now it’s your turn. Have you ever been out on a bad date? lemme know… post your comments below how you were able to escape.

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7 Comments to How To Escape From A Bad First Date

  1. hey, don’t feel too bad about meeting the girl whose online pix camera “deducted” 25 pounds… I met a chick whose camera has deducted at least 125 pounds! Not even kidding. Wish I were. (Turns out the “recent photo” was over 8 years old!)
    Aside from that, and the tendency to be all clingy and crazy, yeah she was way cool… LOL

    Comment by Kevin — @ 8:24 AM

  2. Oh I wish I had that some time ago. Back in the IRC days. Picture there was like a privilege. Webcams were sci-fi and one person per block had scanner for real pictures. Welcome to “text description” age.

    I remember one girl told me she had green eyes and red hair. Well… she didn’t why about that. Except I wished someone rang in the cell. Too bad cells were also luxury back then, rarely one was called on it.

    However, some gurus (and also me) advice if you can just to tell the girl that this won’t work out. You weren’t expecting this. It takes balls and it’s rather draining to do. However later you feel good cause you was honest with her and of course – yourself.

    Comment by Wes M — @ 1:17 PM

  3. I think some women just like attention, so they don’t care that they are faking their way in. They KNOW that they are using you from the moment you both arrive.

    Its ’emotional masturbation’ for them. Like when they set up fake online dating profiles using photos of super hot women, just to get LOTS of attention. They know exactly why they do it, and it even messes with some guys heads.

    It’s no big deal to meet for a tea or coffee, and I would rarely plan anything more than that ahead of time. Why? If I think it could go somewhere I can add on activities. If I’m not interested I can set a real or fake time limit.

    If a woman is clingy say ‘listen I had a nice time, I don’t think we’re a good match’ and be on your way. If she cheated her way into your day, you can take your day right back from her.

    Comment by Jonas — @ 1:42 PM

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  5. Hey Dave, the popularity dialer doesn’t work because they’re having a legal issue.

    Comment by Rod — @ 6:36 PM

  6. thx rod…. read the red print at the bottom of the blog post dude…

    Maybe one day i’ll post a video of me telling my first online dating “date”…

    lets just say i was in store for a umm… “big”…. surprise.

    i’ll say no more.

    Comment by Dave M. — @ 10:41 AM

  7. I’ve had a whopping THREE bad online dates in a row. The first girl seemed like a really hot, tall, slim girl. Well, she was slim and tall, but her face was not nearly as pretty as her pictures made it out to be, it was way different. She had teeth problems and all. The thing is, I would have been fine dating her if she had posted authentic pictures – she was still cute, but the fact that she was not honest really ruined things. She was also epically nervous and that made things so awkward.

    The second one – almost the same thing. In her pics she was all dolled up. When I met her, she was the plainest Jane I ever saw. That was ok enough, she was still cute, so I went out with her again but discovered she never really wears anything nice, or make up, and her personality was a far cry from how she was online – she was epically boring. Epically. Boring.

    The third one did really the same thing once again. I’ve met other girls online who have looked gorgeous and just like their pictures conveyed, so I know this is just a streak of badluck. But, what I learned, is that you really have to be serious about making sure a woman’s pictures are up to date. If she only has one or two pictures, ask her for more before you meet her. If she says no, then I quit talking to her. On my profile, I have like 12 pictures of myself. I give a girl a chance to see me from every angle and in different attire. I give her a totally authentic visual of me. I expect the same from a woman before I meet her.

    Comment by Bob — @ 12:10 PM

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