Pandoras Box Vin Di Carlo – Does It Really Work?

By Dave M.




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My Pandoras Box Review – Does Pandoras Box Vin Di Carlo Really Work?

If you’ve spent anytime surfing the net or been to any dating, pickup or seduction sites lately, you’ve probably seen banners plastered everywhere and heard all this buzz about this video called “pandoras box, by Vin Di Carlo“.

Lots of people in our community are talking about it.

vin dicarlo pandoras boxSo what is it?

The guy behind the video, Vin DiCarlo makes a pretty compelling case for using his Pandora’s box system specifically on each of 8 different personality types you meet, basically “tailoring” your approach for each woman

…and from watching the free pandora’s box video you have to admit, he makes a pretty good point.

What do you think?

The “trick” according to Vin, is knowing which type woman you’re dealing with, then using a specific strategy designed to work for that personality type.

As I was watching the free pandora’s box video, I kept thinking about all the women I’ve messaged over the years online… I started wondering if I had “tailored” my approach a bit more like Vin suggests in the free video (using the specific strategy for one of 8 different personality types), maybe I would have been able to meet even more women and had even more… umm… ‘success’ with them when I met them. 🙂

All the guys who are into picking up chicks will love it …everyone else might get a little freaked out by this.

With that said, this is an awesome video about a NEW and exciting way to attract women.

Click Here To Find Out Which Type YOUR Girl Is »

I weasled it so you don’t have to opt in to see it.

..Just give it a minute to load.

Then come back and post your comments. Do you think Pandora’s Box System would help (or hurt) your online game?

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2 Comments to Pandoras Box Vin Di Carlo – Does It Really Work?

  1. Well Vin said that most girls on dating sites are invester types and I’m attracted to tester types of women esspecially on eharm. Match is more for SNLs.
    With this system you can quickly tell what type of women she is, but sometimes you need to ask them a few simple questions to find out….Do you have more guy friends or girl friends, does she have tattos, and is she carreer driven.
    Then you will know if she is a tester or invester, justifier/denier, realist or idealist!

    Comment by Ruben — @ 2:56 PM

  2. have any on buy it and got it? just want to be sure they dont cheat me

    Comment by Per — @ 11:19 AM

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