What’s Your Biggest Internet Dating Questions?

By Dave M.




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Hey there, I hope you’re awesome…

I have a very important question for you at the bottom of this post that will allow me to better help you reach your dating goals… cuz it’s super important to me that you get to where you wanna go in life and with women.

… but first…

Did you know that while working on the light bulb, it reportedly took Thomas Edison 1,000 attempts before he developed a successful prototype. How many of us have the persistence to keep going after that many so called “failures?”

Imagine having to approach 1,000 women AND getting rejected 1,000 times before you succeeded.

This guy was a badass motherfucker.

There is the story that a reporter asked Edison how it felt to fail 1,000 times. His response was classic. His mentality was that of someone who did not regard setbacks as failures. He reportedly answered the reporter, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times; the light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.”

He never quit.

Now here’s the thing, I want to create the posts around what YOU want… just in case I missed anything you want to know about internet dating, that I can answer in the product or right here on the blog, please tell me about it in the comment section below.

That way I can best help you reach your internet dating goals.

Internet dating is BY FAR the best way I know of to meet women… take POF for example… this thing gets girls for me every single day… whether I’m sleeping, at the movies, at the beach, on vacation, whatever… this thing runs pretty much on auto-pilot for me with the exception of busting out a few messages here and there.

(thats 160 messages in my pof inbox)

And what’s cool is, because of these dating sites, I meet more women in a single day than most men meet in an ENTIRE YEAR doing it the ‘old’ way.

I pretty much have this internet dating thing down to a science and have literally cracked the code to hooking up with as many women as I want using dating sites… there’s no one else in the industry who understands this thing like I do, and I have some email and profile “secrets” I’ll be letting out of the bag that I haven’t shared with ANYONE EVER… it’s some pretty sick stuff. Been testing it for awhile and the results are pretty insane.

(this was my inbox after I got back from vacation 121 messages, I HAD to take a screenshot of that)

Now, I’ve seen a few other dating “guru’s” come out with internet dating products of their own and try to teach internet dating, but if you look at their sites and what they’re teaching, you’ll see they barely get any real results themselves in the first place…

…so I’m not really sure why they’re teaching it right now… maybe I’ll send them access to Insider Internet Dating (they could sure use it. hehe)

I’ve looked through a few of these “internet dating” products and it’s nothing you couldn’t learn in an hour or so down at the local Barnes and Noble book store thumbing through some of the basic “Internet Dating For Dummies” types of books… (those books can give you a little of an understanding of internet dating, but for the most part they’re a waste of time and pretty much go against a lot of the ninja internet dating secrets you’ll be learning from me.)

Seeing that no one was successful meeting this need in the market I decided to be the one to do it… plus it’s like one of my favorite things in the world… and I pretty much eat, sleep and breathe this stuff, so creating this content for you is pretty much a no-brainer… and I’m gonna have a blast doing it.

I look forward to sharing with you EXACTLY how you can meet tons of women online for yourself.

Ok, now…

So I can better help meet your needs and get you to where you wanna go in your internet dating, I’d like to know the answer or answers to the following question from you in the comment question below…

What are your biggest questions when it comes to attracting women online?

Like I said, just let me know in the comment section below… I really appreciate your help with this and it will help ME to help YOU better…

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29 Comments to What’s Your Biggest Internet Dating Questions?

  1. Dave, My biggest question/issue, which may help other guys with not getting that women are attracted to a challenge, is why are so many women willing to either a) not admit what attracts them to certain guys? (the confidence/indifference/humor) or b) mislead other men/women/themselves about it? (ie the entire “why can’t I find a nice guy?” mindset). Any light you could shed on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Comment by J.C. — @ 12:13 PM

  2. A problem I sometimes have is women who give short responses to my messages. Like, very short responses. If I ask a question maybe they’ll give a short answer and that’s it. They won’t follow up with anything to continue the conversation. It’s as if I’m doing an interview.

    How to avoid that. And how, if a girl starts doing it, to shift her away from doing it.


    Comment by CMBC — @ 12:13 PM

  3. Oh I should also add to my above post, I use POF. So gear it to POF as I know different dating sites have different personality of women. Even if the same woman is on different sites, women using POF just seem to be more “next…” because they have so many guys messaging them. In my area, pay sites really don’t have much populatiry. So POF is the only REAL dating site that has many people on it.

    Comment by CMBC — @ 12:15 PM

  4. Hey Dave, the problem I get is when I ask for her phone number. I’m getting results but not as much as I would like.
    I used the email where you tell the girl that you don’t use IM’s but it only works out of 1 and 10 girls, the rest stop responding after this one.

    Any new types you can give me?

    Thanks in advance.

    Comment by Pino — @ 12:38 PM

  5. Dave
    Am an older guy … old man actually … and like dating women some 15 years younger or so. Am in great shape and good looking … and when with younger women … all goes well.
    Tell the tuth about my age in my profile … just that it is getting me “filtered out” by some 95 – 100% of women in that age bracket
    Suggestons ???

    Comment by Haywood — @ 1:34 PM

  6. Hey I would like to know why is it bad to have a shirtless picture on as my main profile picture I figured it would get to the point in the online meat market 😀

    Comment by SideShowBOB — @ 2:17 PM

  7. Hey Dave, it looks like I have my initial email down to a science…almost all of the girls I write to check my profile out. But a small number actually respond. So it seems like the intial email gets their attention, but after seeing the profile, they’re let down. Is that a matter of the profile, or for some reason the pictures?

    Thanks for being my internet dating messiah.

    Comment by Sean — @ 2:26 PM

  8. Hey Dave

    my question:

    how could I create curiosity with my photographs?


    Comment by Charly — @ 3:00 PM

  9. Do you have some advice on how to meet women through Facebook? I don\’t really like dating sites because paid a lot of money for months and get no results. Actually, I almost meet a girl! but the others were too affraid to meet in person, I guess..
    Anyway I think that is worth mentioning that I live in Italy being an emigrant, so I think this is also a sticking point.. Thanks


    Comment by Claudio — @ 3:26 PM

  10. whats good dave

    i wanted to know if you talk to a girl and get her number and do nothing to kill the attraction and she doesnt like to talk over the phone or take long to get back to you i dont like to wait around for any girl thanks n let me know

    Comment by Eric — @ 3:27 PM

  11. In my opinion the picture is key, with a bad picture and good mails, you will not have success, but with a good picture the girls will reply. So the most important factor ist the picture.

    Comment by Matthias — @ 5:32 PM

  12. Two things:

    Meeting women on Facebook.

    Tactics for older guys to meet and attract younger women online.

    Comment by Robert — @ 5:38 PM

  13. Someone said that different dating sites has different personalities.Well,it seems to me that Match.com in my opinion has a vast number of stuck-up women.Why?Also,I think Matchdoctor,s com has a lot of scammers.Both sites I think you recommend.And why do persons sent flirts and e-mails without even bothering to read your profile.I am a smoker.Okay,bad.However,it is on my profile.Yet,on SinglesNet I still get e-mails and flirts from women who say in their own profiles,they would never date a smoker.What gives here?also,if you are a middle-aged man who hope to have a family,what would be the best way to find a woman young enough to have children?Or just face reality and give up.Could you use Facebook for on-line dating without anyone knowing or keeps it confidential?

    Comment by James — @ 8:23 PM

  14. Hey Dave,

    It’a about yhe email intro…
    This is my second response…
    I have a few ladies respond to the email you suggested.
    But I’d like to let them know ahead of time what I’m looking for when I send the emails (set up a date right dee oh ). Maybe remind her of what caught my attention to her?
    I mean, I don’t understand the mindset that would work here after the first email. On the other hand, if I were a tourist i could easily say, “I’m in town for the weekend and I’d like you to show me the town”

    Thanks, Dave, your one of a kind,
    Al S

    Comment by Al S — @ 8:57 PM

  15. Dave,

    Was their ever a ‘unique’ personal issue that you had to overcome, and would you talk about it?

    I ask because that’s been a self-imposed roadblock in my own life success but it feels like a fake excuse.

    I doubt its just me.

    Comment by JayBraveman — @ 10:49 PM

  16. Hey. My question is why do I get a lot of interest from women that are so not my type and yet with every one I am interested in the online sprk fizzles very quickly. I literally get tens of winks and e-mails a week (thanks to your advice and my use of it) but I maust be doing something wrong to attract all the wrong types of women. (I’m after sensitive, shy women but I get responses from all but those)

    Comment by Maciej — @ 11:29 PM

  17. As always Dave you are the man to go to! Yes I’m another older guy, 49 to be precise and would like some tips on how to give good email to women who are my junior. Your program is wonderful and changed my game completely.

    Comment by Richard — @ 4:27 AM

  18. Hey Dave, how can a guy have success on the facebook? Girls on there seem to be so much more guarded than other sites and keep things more private. In my experience, most of them won’t even talk to a guy they don’t know on that site.

    Comment by John — @ 10:12 AM

  19. Hey Dave, just wondering if you do anything different when you travel and want to meet women in the location you’ll be visiting. Most women seem to simply assume that guys just just in town for a weekend are just looking for a one night stand. Others just don’t want to waste time meeting someone they feel there is no hope of things going anywhere due to distance. Just curious about your take on the matter and whether you do anything different when messaging women in a location you’re visiting?

    Comment by KP — @ 10:15 AM

  20. My issue is my profile I am not sure how I am supposed to write it in a way that attracts women. Obviously I’m going to be honest in my profile and make sure I am different to the other guys on on the dating website.
    But I am still missing somthing and I am not sure what it is.

    Thankyou in advance!

    Comment by Wato — @ 12:12 PM

  21. Dave you are great. Would love to learn more about how to give good email to younger women. I see from the posts above that their are quite a few older guys who are interested in this.

    Loved IID and like the new format and think online delivery is the way to go.


    Comment by Richard — @ 4:37 PM

  22. Dave,

    I’m wondering what you think of the Zoosk dating site on Facebook, and a free site that seems to be getting popular called Ok Cupid. Any experiences with either of these? I’m already on POF. Thanks for whatever you can tell me.

    Happy Holidays,

    Comment by Cary — @ 10:47 PM

  23. Dave,

    Here’s a question that is a lot different from the others.

    How do you write to someone with a profile with limited information (that you know is a real person and not some scam)? I tend to write excellent emails to those with detailed profiles but tend to fall flat on my face with someone with a basic vague profile.


    Comment by AH — @ 9:15 AM

  24. Hey Dave

    I’m a pretty experienced internet dater and my success rate in terms of getting replies has improved sharply over time thanks to experimentation and reading advice from guys like you. However, sometimes I can send out lines (adapted to the particular girl) that work on some women but no on others. So my question is if I’ve sent out a message that has been successful with a lot of women but a particular woman doesn’t reply, what should my follow up message be to try and get her to respond second time round? Or would the odds suggest that my time would be better spent messaging fresh women instead?

    Happy holidays


    Comment by Steve — @ 5:18 AM

  25. Hey Dave, I recently got out of a 2 year relationship and am starting to do internet dating again. I was a member of your online service in 06-07 and had great success on Myspace and Facebook. Obviously, things have changed since then: Myspace is essentially dead and Facebook is so much different/most profiles are now private, so I\’m forced to use other sites now. My question is: what are the best sites now? It would be cool if you could do reviews of all the dating sites and give a \"recommend\" or \"don\’t bother\" rating or something like that. It looks like POF is now you favorite site, and I have been using it a little, but, like another commenter has already mentioned, I often get very short 1 sentence replies that only answer my question(s), which ultimately leads nowhere. A blog posting on how to avoid that would be helpful. Also, it would be helpful to know the differences between your new material/subscription service and your material from about 2-3 years ago.

    Comment by CH — @ 8:20 PM

  26. How do you create a challenge when her profile is limited? She has maybe 1-2 pics up (not doing anything interesting really), only written a short paragraph with very few “usable” stats, but she’s attractive enough that you want to honestly know more.

    How do you spark “something” out of “nothing”?

    Comment by Ford — @ 7:50 AM

  27. Is there going to be a IID private members site and if so when is it up and running? It’s just I don’t have your DVD yet?

    Comment by Mark — @ 8:38 AM

  28. thanks for the comments guys….

    Comment by Dave M. — @ 1:37 PM

  29. Did/do you ever decide to try a second date, a few months later, with someone you met once on internet dating, and if so, what is your approach – how do you go about increasing your chances of re-kindling her interest.

    I ask because one of my very first Match dot com dates was pretty sharp, but since i was just starting out i wanted to play the field. I didn’t realize i was having beginner’s luck.


    Comment by Ed — @ 7:34 PM

  30. Hi I have an issue with the fact I am not the best looker, which I can admit. I seem to struggle getting responses from woman. I do put lots of effort into every message I write. I pick out points from their profile to discuss how we have lots in commen. To omplimenting them on how lovley they looks etc. Yet I seem to get zero responses. My profile seems fine to me. I just get the impression they judge me based on how it will efffect their social status, in that i’m distintivley average in looks . I have done several tests where I questioned the woman on what was wrong with me, if we seem compatible on interests and values and they seem perfect and how we could do so much together. Suprise suprise I got responses back quiet angry responses. Some times claiming they were going to respond, after what 6 days waiting when she is online everyday. However my point is that woman are afraid to reply to me when I take the time amd effort to be nice, kind and friendly. Just to get blanked. Even if they simply wrote back saying my message was sweet but i,m not there type at least it is being polite.

    So my question is how do I attract woman without sounding desperate and to draw away from my average looks?

    Comment by Tom — @ 7:51 AM

  31. I want to send email that make women horny so horny that they will give me there number right away and want to meet me right away.

    Comment by cowboycasanova — @ 12:54 AM

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