Insider Internet Dating Success Stories

This is why I do what I do.

I live to help single men succeed and smash through their sticking points so they can meet and date the women they really desire using online dating sites.

I don't do theory. I don't do maybe. I don't do probably.

I do results.

I've always been a big believer in proof. When there's so much hype and crap on the internet these days, you can never get enough proof... Because results are results, period. That's what really counts, no matter what. Right?

Nothing speaks for Insider Internet Dating better than success stories from our very own students.

Here's what men from all over the world are saying about Insider Internet Dating. These are unsolicited emails... and they're a few of many, many emails just like it that I get all the time.

You can read their stories below.

They are 100% genuine and from real people.

Please note that results will vary and everyone is different, especially when it comes to their willingness to implement what I teach. Therefore I cannot promise you’ll experience the same results – yours may be worse, better or the same.

And I’m excited to help you achieve these kinds of results for yourself!

"I Have To Shut My Profile Off,
I'm Getting Too Many Women!"


As I type this, I have 27 pages of emails... thats just on ONE site. I followed the system and I've gone out on a date every night I've had free and I hooked up with all of them except for 2. (my choice, don't even get me started. lol)

I have to shut my profile off for periods of time because I can't keep up with all the responses. its crazy!

I tell every guy I know to try this program because it works. If I can do it, anyone can."

Pete, Toronto Canada

"My Inbox Started Going CRAZY!"

I just went through Insider Internet Dating last night, and I realized something: I was doing a majority of the things already, but getting no results!

Turns out I was missing a few key points that you laid out in your program. Once I made those changes to my profile and emails, my email inbox started going CRAZY in just a few short hours!

I thought the emails sounded a little weird, but hey I am a guy, right? When it comes to meeting women online you REALLY know what you are doing, and thank you."

- Jared

"The Secrets He's Shared with Me,
Have Been Really Effective"

“Dave M. is, in my opinion, one of the best guys out there when it comes to picking up women off the Internet. The secrets he's shared with me have been really powerful, and I've gotten some great responses because of them.

Thanks Dave!”

- Joseph Matthews
Author, Art of approaching

"You Are The KING of Online Dating"

“Dave M. is the king of online dating. He has proven over and over that he can consistently pull the best girls from the Internet including models and high profile girls.

His model is direct, effective, and easy... ANYONE can learn it.

If you want to play in the world of online game, you have to get Dave’s Program!”

- DJ, CT
Stylelife Dating Instructor

"It's SO Easy and EFFICIENT"

"Hey Dave

Dan here, I wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for Insider internet Dating.

I wanted a step by step guide to setting up my profile and sending emails so I could get to the phone as quickly as possible with the highest quality women possible, and Insider Internet Dating made that happen.

I've had a chance to go through the whole program and I can say it's great. I've tried out your email system on several women and got a great response!

I think the most shocking bit was how easy it was to get a phone number after only 2 messages.

In the past, I'd send 2 or 3 messages and then get AIM and then chat a bunch of times on AIM and then finally get the number.  Such a long drawn out process.  Your method really cuts to the chase, it's so easy and EFFICIENT. I Love it.

That said, getting your product was money well spent. There is no easier, more efficient way to meet women than using the internet. Your reputation as the expert in online dating is well deserved.  Keep up the great work!"


- Dan N., audio engineer
San Diego

"She's the hottest girl I've EVER
gone out with and slept with..."

“A Quick thanks to Dave M. for helping me iron out my online game. I met this one off the net and it was Dave's form emails (ha ha) that I sent to her.

I was the ONLY guy from the hundreds of responses that she got that she ended up meeting in real life.

She's the hottest girl I've ever gone out and slept with!”

- Ross, (College Student), Ohio

"German Student Gets Insider Internet Dating
Then Meets His First Girlfriend Online Using it,
(Who Also Happens To Be a '10' AND BISEXUAL)"

'Hi Dave,

Since I don't have a lot of time to go out and meet women due to LOADS of college work, and not having enough money to just go to all the expensive bars and clubs where the hotties hang around, I used your material right from my home.

I met, models, Strippers, even Gogo dancers as well as many many Bisexual women, and I even found my FIRST girlfriend (who happens to be a 10+ AND bisexual) thanks to your material.

There's NO way Im gonna give this stuff away!

As you said, keep working and it'll pay sooner or later. THANKS DAVE!

Before using the Program I was struggling a LOT, since I was trying to use the same stuff I use for pickup in Bars C+F.

But that was coming off as VERY arrogant online. I was making mistakes 1,000 of others make everyday, over and over... sending winks, pictures, jokes and asking for dates before knowing if shes a fake or just some dude having fun with a pic he took off the internet himself.

Since I got your program what changed were the reactions I got from female users: Women agreed and appreciated my emails. Some started sending winks or phone numbers right away, Others left messages complimenting me for the Hot fotos I had. Others said I was the first Guy whose profile didn't have any spelling mistakes ;D AND asking for dates.

I got numbers from Gogo dancers, Strippers, an air Hostess AND one special woman...whose Bisexual AND now my Girlfriend.

I thought I've gotten quite some stuff when it comes to Pickup material... and buying a program for online dating seemed cheesy at first to me. But now, when I don't have time to actually go out or am in lots of rush, I use the Internet to get dates, its my second resort basically ;D

PLUS I'm seeing results I never thought possible!

I think every guy whose up for online dating definitely should have this program! Insider Internet Dating is so simple and effective, it's shocking to see how good the results become!

Hey guys if you're thinking of getting this stuff and getting it handled online GET IT!!!!!

The few bucks investment in Insider Internet Dating can get you dates when you don't have the time to go out to bars or clubs to pick women up. PLUS you get to meet women you wont be able to see anytime otherwise! Besides online dating is a LOT of fun when you know HOW!'

- Kash (Germany)

"I'm Trying To Figure Out How I'm
Going To Meet All These Women!"

"I got Insider Internet Dating and I've been using it for the last week or so.  The only real thing I can say about is it... Awesome!

I found that there is this unlimited potential for meeting girls on the internet. I've had some luck with women in the past online, but NOTHING like I've seen since using Insider Internet Dating.

A couple of days ago, I emailed something like 60 girls online. I received emails back that all consisted of similar content... They wrote things like, "Wow..." and "You are the first guy in a long time who has caught my attention". It's pretty amazing, I'd have to say.

I received probably 10 phone numbers the second day after sending the second email, then after I sent the 'no-reply' email out that you teach in your program, I received 4 more. So, now, I'm trying to figure out how I am going to meet all of these women! And since my personalization for it was swing dancing... I have like 10 potential new swing dance partners. Its crazy!

I've gone through so many different online dating programs that it makes ME sick. This simple format blows everything I have seen out of the water. Thanks man."

- Matt B., Denver, Colorado

"I Can't Keep Up With All The Emails -
The Women I'm Ignoring, (by accident),
Are Sending Me THEIR Numbers!"

"Hey Dave, I've had your Insider Internet Dating DVD for a few months now and I wanted to thank you for all the years of effort and the updates.

Now that I'm used to the format I'm feeling more comfortable in personalizing the emails. I'm getting numbers right away, and a strange pheonomina is occurring...

Because I'm getting a lot of responses I'm finding it hard to keep up with so many woman to call and arrange dates with. This has caused 2 things:

1) The women I'm ignoring, by accident, are sending ME their numbers, wondering where I am

2) Because I have lots of 'women' I'm no longer stressed over any particular woman... what a powerful place to come from."

- Paul, Sydney

"I'm Getting MORE Dates

"Dave, I've finally found the time to go through your CD and apply the techniques and you get a GIANT thumbs-up. Your stuff is complete, simple to apply, and VERY effective.

Not only am I getting a lot of responses, but the responses are MUCH higher quality. In fact, my schedule is now too full to accommodate all these interesting (and interested) women. With the help of your product, I may be done with the clubs for good -- more dates with better quality women.

It's clear your stuff is way ahead of the curve, the emails and profile template you suggest really do stand out. I wish more guys would use your techniques, there would be a lot fewer lonely men (and women) out there.

Thank you for providing such a comprehensive and effective product. With so many "dating coaches" who provide either incomplete or impractical advice, it's great to see you giving your customers EXACTLY what they need to be successful. You're one of the good guys."

- Rhett B., Torrance, California

"...This Week Alone, I'm
Meeting 3 Hot, NEW Women"

“Online dating can be one of two things: It can either be a huge waste or time, or it can be a gold mine of opportunities.

I used to think it was the former.

After putting up personal ads on several online dating sites, and after countless revisions of these ads, I was not seeing any success and I was ready to give up. Then, I found Insider Internet Dating. It totally opened my eyes. I had been doing everything wrong!

I implemented Dave's advice, and just like he said, things changed almost immediately! I had many women emailing me just dying to meet me within a few days.

In fact, this week alone I am meeting 3 hot new women.

Dave's system is so effective, and so efficient and time-saving. He has tried everything, and he knows what works and what doesn't. He tells you exactly what steps you need to take in order to use online dating successfully.

Imagine putting up your profile in the morning, and then coming back in the evening to find 5 e-mails in your inbox, all from beautiful women who want to meet you. Online dating can be one of two things, a waste of time, or a gold mine. With Dave's product, I definitely think that it is the latter.”

--Mike S. Engineer, Cleveland

"I'm About To Call My 3rd Girl Today..."

"I thought it would be a good time to leave this testimonial now, because I just got a 3rd email from a girl with her phone number… and she'll be the 3rd girl I've called today…

And really I owe it all to Dave M…I got a lot of great knowledge from David Deangelo, but when I started the online thing it didn't work for me…so I got Dave's program and I started listening to it and I was like, no way! It can't be this easy,…

…but it is! But the best thing is you get to be yourself..."

- "Captain" Casey, 36
Salt Lake City, Utah

"I've Gone Out On AT LEAST 20 Dates
Since Using Insider Internet Dating..."

"I was very frustrated online, getting almost no responses… spending $25-$30 bucks a month and getting absolutely nothing - I heard about you from David DeAngelo, so I decided to give it a shot and the results are amazing… I have gone on at least 20 dates so far …"

- Randy H. Phoenix, Az

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Are these guys any different than you? I don't think so.

Once you use IID, you’ll understand how incredibly simple and EASY it can be to attract women online. Watch this free presentation to find out how they did it... and how easily YOU could do the same.

They are 100% genuine and from real people.

Remember, that results will vary and everyone is different, especially when it comes to their willingness to implement what I teach. Therefore I cannot promise you’ll experience the same results – yours may be worse, better or the same.

These are just good guys who had the courage to try this - and are so blown away by the results they've seen with the IID training that they're willing to sign their names to a testimonial.

Are You Next?

Thanks again to everyone who has written me about your satisfaction with Insider Internet Dating and the great success you've had in your life because of it.  I really appreciate you being so thoughtful ;-).

You just read these ‘success stories’ above – and while I could’ve posted another couple get the point – these men met women online (and lots of them).

What about you?

You may be anxious to get started meeting women online right now, so you can also return to the presentation to claim your copy instantly.

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